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  1. Would be awesome to see more videos on mapping and enterprise – best software and how to get started!

  2. Love to see a video on inspecting solar panels cell towers and such.

    1. @Kevin Paul perhaps the commenter was asking that Brett (this channel) would offer such a video..? Not that they weren’t already available elsewhere.

  3. Pretty awesome and informative video, especially in these times.. I’m in the real estate industry and I am practicing my drone skills before I say anything 😅. Mapping and thermo look pretty interesting and there is definitely a market for that. Anything you post is gold brother keep it up 👍🏽

  4. Love the tips sir! Just created a “1 stop link” for my real estate clients. So that was nice to hear, haha. Will definitely look into the construction side. New subscriber here, thanks!

  5. Thanks for such valuable information. You did a really good basic presentation of all these different aspects of drone use and I’m glad you talked about the equipment a bit and of course the drone license. I just want to say that I like all of your videos. You have a really positive personality and it makes it so much easier to focus on what your saying and stay interested. Keep up the good work. Marc T.

  6. yes, very interested in thermal & mapping. Thanks for your awesomeness Brett, keep sharing the great info.

  7. I’m 64, live along the pacific coast, and I’m just looking to contribute more with the years I have left. I was a private pilot. I like photography, but was not professional. I’ve made a couple of small videos before, for weddings and birthdays. It just appeals to me now, to be among people, and saving memories. I was even involved in mapping, in the military, for missile shots and recovery operations. This all appeals to me! But I think I’ll start small, with the weddings &/or real estate stuff. I’m sure they will be tough enough customers for now. Thanks Brett! I’m subscribed, I’ll go check out all of your other videos next. You are very personable and professional! So I hope to learn that from you as well, relative to this business anyway.

    1. Lol, you say you are 64 like you’ve made it to 100, C’mon man, really? tell the same thing to a 80 or 90 year old dude and watch his answer. You got a long way to go bro.

    2. @Johnny T I found a local guy that just bought a pretty huge farm, along with buildings, and he’d like for some aerial photography. I met him at work a number of times, so yeah – I’ll probably go with that one first, and see how it comes out.

    3. Update: I did not get that job, even after the first interview they suggested I would. Then the seasons change (even in California) and the virus clamped down on them a little. I should be able to do this on my own for now. Thanks for the response.

  8. For the guys living in rural areas like myself. Talk to livestock ranches, game reserves an hunting ranches.
    They pay a group of cowboys (though usually already working for the ranch) to search with dogs and find 1 cow or multiple.
    The dogs run in and find the animal and run it out to be roped.

    Use the drones with thermal cameras to search for missing livestock or to keep track of game population per acre.
    Using anything flying on any type of game is very illegal if used wrong. So check with your state’s regulations before a game warden stops you.

    Also to check hog traps on big farms that might have 10 traps and dont want to spend time on a side x side checking each one.

    The mapping for this might work great also.

  9. How to make money with your drone : dont fly the drone at all just do tutorials 😂

    1. Hahaha… Tutorials is actually a lot harder and more time consuming to make money than flying your drone. I enjoy doing both though.

  10. Finally somebody on the same page as I am. Thank you so much Brad for your help in breaking down the information. I’m down here in Texas and I’m gonna be trying to get in touch with you more because there’s a massive industry down here that’s calling for drones. Especially the car sales industry. I look forward to more videos from you and potentially getting in closer contact for some business advice. Keep up the good work

    1. I’m a student in Texas and the school is sponsoring a drone course which i am pump about in order to get the 107^~^

  11. For future reference Brett, as long as you use DJI, you’re putting money in their pockets. Please look into that man because right now everything is so volatile and I don’t think you could afford that for your business. You might wanna look into that man. Thank you so much for your effort and your information

  12. What’s your take on the Mavic Air 2? Is it suitable for professional use?
    Thanks in advance. Great video!

    1. Yes, I think you can use it professionally, especially if you are on a budget it makes sense. But if you can sae up for the Mavic 2 Pro, the bigger sensor and the way the drone flies to me is worth it. But bang for your buck, the Mavic Air 2 is a great deal. Remember, it’s not always the drone, but how you use it and your marketing and overall body of work that makes you a professional.

    2. @Brett Garamella Thank you for your answer, friend!
      That was enlightening and reassuring.
      Much appreciated. Take care and keep up the great content.

  13. One hang up in registering for the FAA exams is that, for some unexplained reason in the mobile age, FAA have the system coded to accept registration only from desktop computers. Due to space constraints at home, I converted my desktop system to a file server (unRAID) and do all my work on my laptop or phone.

  14. Hey Brett! I’m really interested in seeing a video about drone inspections! The reason I’m getting into drone piloting is to open a surveying and inspection firm – I haven’t narrowed down my business plan, right now I’ve just bought an entry level mavic and begun studying for my part 107. I’m sure I’ll need to pick up a more sophisticated piece of equipment down the road. But I’m excited about all the opportunities in this industry!

  15. Hey, great video and thanks for making it. I haven’t bought a drone yet but I’m planning on it.. have been thinking on it for a couple of years now. I first thought of it when a co-op didn’t fertilize a field properly because one of the nozzles were clogged. So 15 to 30 foot was not being treated. Depending on how much land, that could run up the bill pretty quickly for something you paid for but were not getting. Any how, I do have the computer mindset of buy one today and it’s obsolete yesterday. So I was looking for something that would be future proof a little and looking at the Autel EVO2 pro.. any thoughts?

  16. The Air 2S is a better option these days. Can do 4k 60fps, 5.4k 24 & 30fps, and can be setup to track and follow you on it’s own without having to pilot it at all.

  17. Successful people don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

    1. @Helene Kohler Great!!! I enjoy proving people wrong but investing in Bitcoin trading for me is not impressing, how much do you make of it don’t mind me asking.

    2. Great tips bro! The scenario changes bit in case you are abroad. Having a hard time to use my drone in Hungary due to regulations and bureaucracy in a language that I don’t get not even a bit. Thank you for this video!

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