Drone cameras take wedding photography to new heights

event photographers are utilizing drones to record the couple's unique minute, but policies say utilizing a without authorization from the is prohibited. Adriana Diaz reports.

cameras take wedding to new heights

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  1. Quality and lighting of the photos are horrible. Other than the perspective change, they’re really just substandard photos not worthy of the cheapest smartphone camera. He’s gotta get much better than that before smart people will pay him in the future. If quality of the photo is not improved upon, the novelty of the gimmick will wear off quickly.

    1. @plutorama the phantome 2 vision plus takes 1080p hd footage and shoots raw pictures… what are you talking about? thats not bad at all

    2. +therealist2013 All HD cameras are not created equal, and RAW is a great, forgiving format, but as a pro, shooting wedding photos with a GoPro is like showing up with your iPhone. I wouldn’t make that my selling point. Great supplemental material though. Stick to medium-large format cameras and some fast, sharp glass.

    3. Of course, professional photo guys are going to hate UAVs; it suddenly puts the common Joe out there to compete with, for a smidgen of the money spent, or the time invested, to learn the trade. On top of that, those different angles, and perspective changes, will be much more attractive than the same old photo shoots that the grounded photographer can offer. Besides, that that bad lighting, run it through some good software and Wa La, lighting problems fixed. ” the novelty of the gimmick will wear off quickly.” My friend, you could not be more wrong; matter of fact, it will be that big ole hand held box you hold, that will likely go the way of the typewriter.If you are a photographer, best buy a UAV and learn to fly, are get left behind.

  2. Ugly pictures, cheap toy for equipment. There are so many professionals using amazing drones for photography and videos, and this is the only amateur they could find?

  3. At least the pilot tried to get the media away from using the word DRONES and using something less menacing like quad copter or hell-cam. The media LOVES to call them DRONES because it is controversial and monosylabic for mili second sound bytes. .  

  4. Truly a nobody goof he is. Literally using the cheapest of the cheap in the biz

  5. has been happening in New Zealand for at least a year

  6. I am pretty confident he wasn’t the first if he is flying DJI. DJI made it easier for your common person to fly AP rigs but its been done in the past.

  7. He doesn’t have even fully working gimbal… He sure was best they could find.

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