Drone Photography | How To Paint Light With Your Drone

Learn, how to use your more creatively. Paint the sky and create amazing photographs with your . Today on the show: Alexander Seeley (Instagram: @hardwiredengineer).

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Drone | How To Paint With Your Drone

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    Every sale supports my channel, meaning that I will be able to buy more drones and gear for new episodes, as I will get a small commission.
    Use this link: https://goo.gl/UDhcLn. Stay tuned and fly safe! 👍

    1. i guess it’s kind of off topic but does anybody know of a good site to stream newly released movies online ?

  2. Brilliant timing for me. Started light painting photography, a big source is churches and old ruins but it’s hard to light up tall church spires so I’ve just started looking at lights for the drone. Thanks for this.

  3. What a great idea, hat is off to that young man. As always great work, keep it up.


  4. Thanks Tom Very good video I will be watching all of your video’s thanks again

  5. Hey thanks for sharing new idea’s . Yes I tought a similar thing for my drone using the red led to signal up a transistor set who in theyr turn with the power tapped from battery turn on cree leds, but that was only to take Foto’s with the drone . He had that crazy idea to do the foto OF the drone.

  6. Hello Tom great work in the channel, I’m from Lima Peru, I leave the link to a video I made with my Mavic 2 pro, is a pullback filme at more than 3, 200 Above sea level in the Canyon of Shucto In the mountains of Peru Hope you like it and you can do something with the video

  7. Thanks Tom. Very original idea to make this serie. You show us special photos and at the same time you build some creative creators up… Love it!

  8. Very good video. I saw such a light photo above a church on facebook. Great idea. Cheers DrDuu

  9. Has me thinking if the led lights that are built into the new MavicPro2 could be utilized for this type of long exposure shots!🤔

  10. What an absolutely brilliant idea 💡 this is definitely something I would love to try but not take my drone apart lol 😂…..😉😎👍🏼

    1. Daddyof13 yeah I’ll admit, my method wasn’t exactly the safest or easiest

  11. Great Video I did this with my mavic pro with led props. Worked well. Now I have a Parrot Anafi and the props are to small to support leds. And I don’t have my camera as well. Oh well thanks for that video!

  12. What a cool concept…to interview the actual photographers…That halo around the tree was amazing. Good work Alexander.

  13. Thanks for this very interesting look at a different creative use for my drone. Now, gotta go find some of those LED light strips.

  14. How does “Point of Interest” work in low light to dark conditions If the drone automatically kicks into ATTI mode in low light conditions.

  15. When I tried I struggled to set up point of interest in the dark as the drone camera needed to see clearly to know where it is… Any advice. Do you have set everything up in day light? And if so how do you store the settings for a night flight?

  16. The Point Of Interest feature of drone mentioned in this video only work in daytime (or when there is enough light). While in the photos seems was taken in dark ambience … I did to use POI in the night, failed … Any ideas how to make drone’s POI feature work in the dark? … Or may be actually the photo was taken in day time to make POI feature work, and he attached ND filter in the camera lens … Any one have an ideas? …. Thanks … IG @gatot_herliyanto

  17. Great episode, and Alexander is fantastic, but honestly the photo itself doesn’t thrill me.

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