INSTANTLY improve your DRONE landscape photography | DJI mavic

In this video I share some incredible pointers and strategies as a landscape photographer to improve shots with your . The is an amazing and can shoot incredible images but it isn't almost settings however about light, composition and topic. I share some ideas for enhancing your images as well as how I edit my drone shots in Lightroom. And the best drone photography settings to get a great shot.

Incredible DJI Drone I currently utilize –

Where I find my incredible music –


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All my gear (inc. clothes) is noted here –

NIKON EQUIPMENT (Main STILLS electronic ).

Existing landscape cam – Nikon Z7 -.
Awesome telephoto lens – Nikon 70-200m f/2.8 -.
Fav lens – Nikon 24-70mm Z f4 -.
Great large angle lens – Nikon 16-35mm f/4 -.
Amazing Bokeh – Sigma 24mm f1.4.

FUJI GEAR (Main FILM video ).

Fujifilm X-T3 -.
Incredible Bokeh – Fuji XF35mm F2 -.
Sharpest long zoom – Fuji 50-140mm F2.8.
Killer large angle lens – Fuji 10-24mm F4 -.


Awesome sensor brush -.
GorillaPod – Kb9mV.
The fantastic printer I utilize Canon P1000 -.
Clever electronic camera strap (peak design) -.
Terrific bag for treking – Tenba 24L -.
Excellent bag for travel (continue) – Tenba 32L -.
Super light Benro Travel Tripod UK -.
A need to have for tripod (L bracket) -.
Light-weight tripod – Benro Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod -.
Paper I utilize for all my prints – Fotospeed – Use DANSON10 to get 10% off your paper.
Screw on ND filter -.
My fav filters – (USE NIGEL10 for 10% off).

INSTANTLY improve your DRONE |

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  1. Interesting and helpful video Nigel. I just pre-ordered my first drone, after borrowing one for a little while. I certainly intend to use it for my Landscapes. I have to say, I complete agree with your point about the best drone images tend to be the ones you don’t immediately think are taken with a drone. Thats certainly an approach I’ll be taking when it finally arrives!

  2. Hi Nigel. I have just got into photography, at the grand old age of 59 and joined a local photography club. I doubt very much I will ever be as good as you, or the rest of the guys in the club but it is a great hobby. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me πŸ™‚ Best Regards.

  3. Hey Nigel. Excellent work. Really enjoyed watching your video and it helped me a lot in understanding whats capable from these DJI drones. One question if I may. Do you think by using the techniques you mention on a DJI 12mp camera that you can produce A3 commercial quality prints that you could sell or are we asking too much from the camera until technology catches up. Cheers Julian

    1. Yes – definitely print to A3. Just can’t shoot in low light. Also – if you do a pano

  4. Does anyone else’s heart race before, during, and after flying your drone or is it just me?!

    1. Bro I was like that in the beginning. Now I can put the controller down and eat a snack while it hover 2 miles away from me.

    2. Try RC heli.. you will get heart attack.. drones are for kids how easy to fly they are.

    3. Not so much with the new style quads, but I used to fly remote planes – never got over seeing the big dollar signs flying around in the sky. Ended up pretty well giving my kit away because I just wasn’t flying it, and it was too nice to just keep in the basement.
      No regrets.

  5. Thanks Nigel, really love your passion and approach to this. I find that colour grading and trying to get the right shot is hard with drones at the moment but your easy approach and simple tips have really made me want to give it another shot! Thank you!

  6. Great inspiration – thanks a lot. By the way your dog reminds me so much of my own Jack Russell. Not so much the look but more the behaviour.. He always has a busy schedule digging for the mice..

  7. Another top tutorial Nigel, I’ve watched this a few times now. Just out of curiosity, what settings do you use for video on the Mav Pro? I’ve found 4K to be a rather unwieldy filesize to work in Premier Pro but keep persevering. A number of people prefer around the 1080 – 2K mark..

  8. Hi there, I was very impressed with your video especially as you showed both skills of someone I’m looking for. I’m in the initial phase of my fantastic idea for celebrating my 50th in early 2021. I’ve recently got the bug for hiking / trekking and have already done Mount Snowdon, however for my 50th I wish to take on the absolutely amazing Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal. I’m certainly not a professional photographer but I have the utmost respect for superb quality photos and an inner passion for landscape photography. I am therefore looking to find a semi professional photographer, a HD Drone / Cameraman and keen hikers to join me at the end of Feb 2021 in Katmandu, Nepal. Approximately 21 days expedition covering the 100km+ Trek in The Himalayas.
    I’m looking for a passionate photographer looking to explore their passion in an amazing country with one of the best landscapes on this planet. Would you be interested? If not do you know any friends of yours who might find this amazing journey to good to turn away from. Please let me know, cheers.

  9. Wow, very informative! You are a good story teller and I love the detailed advice give you for the settings in the drone and how to tweak things in Lightroom. Excellent! The photos are beautifully merged into the video. I am now going to try out drone landscape photography!

  10. As a new drone pilot/photographer I appreciate your insights on the technical side of the photos. I look forward to getting a better handle on the camera settings for my Mavic Pro Platinum. It took sharp pictures right out of the box and naturally I went to YouTube to get suggested settings and now get real soft out of focus photos. I need to get back to a factory setting and just play with composition and using the natural light for enhancements. I look forward to learning from what you have to share.

  11. Once again thanks for your tutorials and videos. I continually watch them for help with becoming a better cinematographer with my DJI Inspire 2. Next I’ll be getting the Mavic 2 Pro for some easier portability than my Inspire 2. Although it’s a great shooting platform for videos and pictures it’s just too big to get to some of the places I go. Thanks again πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
    What version of Lightroom do you recommend for editing?

  12. Question: Do you use an ND filter when you shoot photos? Without an ND I’m shooting 1/1000 shutter at f4.5 on my Mavic 2 Pro. I’m a videographer, not a photographer, so I’m not sure if 1/1000 shutter is bad form or not. Thanks

  13. I like to switch to portrait and take a shot then rotate the drone by about 20 degrees then repeat for 4 or 5 shots and stitch them together in panorama.
    I’ve been experimenting with spot metering to protect highlights. I find exposure a big challenge with the Mavic.
    I will try the 4:3 aspect ratio as suggested with WB set to sunny.
    cheers πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Just got back from shooting some panos with aspect ratio and WB locked in. Can’t thank you enough for that golden tip. Northern men have just gone up in my estimation haha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  14. Thanks for the video. I learned a lot from this and am learning a lot from all your videos. I have a Mavic 2 Pro with a 1” sensor. Assuming I am shooting with the best settings (e.g., ISO 100, etc.), what is the largest print obtainable? Thank you.

  15. The two most important things in landscape photography; composition and light. A drone maximises the possibility of getting both.

    I’ve been a photographer for many years and it was so exciting to take my first flight and the possibilities were immediately apparent. My power of my full frame DSLR didn’t seem much of an advantage anymore.

  16. Thanks for posting. Very interesting tips on bracketing, raw, panoramic merging and Lightroom use. Those misty mornings remind me of similar in New Zealand at this time of the year, in the Waikato hinterland, where thick layers hug the ground around rural streams and valleys. It got me wondering about landing a drone at RTH, if the mists rolled in around me, when it came time to land! Bringing a Mavic Air 2 down once it reached hover point, going mostly on the sound of the rotors – and how the drone sensors would work with no visual flight. Have you ever been caught in similar? Flying within continuous line of sight is also imperative but weather can change quickly. I have subscribed and look forward to seeing more of your YT postings on drones and photography. Stay safe and stay aloft!

  17. Somehow I’ve only just caught up with this. Another brilliant tutorial, Nigel. Many thanks. Looking to put some of these techniques to good use in my photography and drone films.

  18. Thanks for this video. You’ve taught me more with this video than countless other photography channels ever have. All practical information for things I’m actually going to use every day. Even explaining the 4:3 over 16:9. Other people just say “Use 4:3 because it’s the best” and leave it at that. You actually explained WHY! Made my day dude. Thanks.

  19. I am just starting my Drone journey, initially thought about using it on holidays….but now after watching this informative video from Nigel i feel inspired….exciting times…

  20. It just dawned on me about my composition is the part with the viaduct, if i was on location i wouldn’t know how i would critique my own composition on the spot to get your image. I said it like that because i feel that your composition of the viaduct is really strong and very refined for that location and for that atmosphere.

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