Living on the rocks, Meteora view from drone HD 24p + Photos by UPTEAM.GR

Flying with our over , Greece. Hope you like it and Subscripe to our channel for some new videos.
Με την βοήθεια της σύγχρονης τεχνολογίας και των “Drones”, μπορούμε να έχουμε φοβερές εικόνες ακόμα και στις πιο δύσκολες τοποθεσίες. Απολαύστε βίντεο με πτήση πάνω από τα Μετέωρα μαζί με έξτρα φωτογραφίες. Μια ανεξάρτητη παραγωγή της
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*απαγορεύετε η χρήση του υλικού χωρίς άδεια.

Living on the rocks, view from HD + Photos by UPTEAM.GR

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  1. I cried from the sheer beauty of it all and how much work that went into building on top of the rocks. Wow ! Thank you !!!!

  2. To all those who are overwhelmed by the beauty of this place : This is the unique site of Meteora, in Greece, meaning ‘between land and sky’. It isn’t a residential site but a piece of history comprising 24 Orthodox monasteries only 6 of which are functional today and is protected by UNESCO.

    1. Yes we saw then and visit the church you have to used skirts to go inside they give it to you. They have a beautiful garden
      and a plaza to take picture
      I have many I wish I can come back someday !!💖💖💖😍😍😍🙏🙋

    2. @uma devi they collect rain water from terraces and yards in large water tanks dug in the rock

    1. @José A F.Pereira isso pensei a mesma coisa,e a água onde tiram e pelo jeito só tem gente rica ninguém carrega água na cabeça aí,nem.passam fome pela estrutura se vê.de SP

  3. Это где же такая красота?! 👍😍

    1. Мне эта красота на такой высоте, на фиг не нужна!

    2. @Шамиль Сагипов обалденная красота !! Природа и творение рук в одно и флаконе!!

    3. Это Греция, Meteora in Thessaly. Вот это красота!!!! Надо поехать туда!!

    4. @Шамиль Сагипов мне тоже эта красота по боку,жить на такой высоте просто ужас,это ведь скалы и они не вечны.

  4. Amazing…Its really 8th wonder of the world.
    Cant imagine how they made the construction but its truly great work.

    1. Constraction of this started in 14 centure by Serbian ruler king Jovan Uros

    2. Believe it or not, they actually used pulleys and baskets to lift up the rocks and the monks themselves.

  5. I visited 3 year ago is wonderful you feel like you are in a different planet . we visited the monasteries and the little town the people is very nice!!👍

    1. Шумдук ко таштардын жардын устуно Уй салган азаматтар экен уйлор уулап кетпей кантип дашашат экен тан калыштуу

  6. Being able to watch how it was built would probably be just as breathtaking.Couldnt imagine living there though.Just a bit to rocky for me 😉

  7. I have always wanted to build a house like this. This is just magnificent .this beauty is unexplainable in human words .❤️

  8. Просто чудесно, сумасшедший вид 👍! Дома на скалах поражают?!

  9. Genkson do Brasil 🇧🇷.. amo a visão que estas montanhas nós proporciona muito lindo.

    1. @Mbok Ulfah FAMILY This is the old Greek monastery. I do not know how they built it , but it is amazing!!

  10. One of the most magical places I’ve ever been to. Watching this video brought back the feeling of being there.

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