3 ways to correct perspective in your photo with Lightroom classic 2023

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If you're a photographer, you understand how crucial perspective is in your pictures. In some cases, due to the angle or lens utilized, the perspective of your images might be distorted or skewed, affecting the overall quality of the picture. Fortunately, Adobe Lightroom Classic 2023 deals several tools to correct viewpoint.
In this tutorial, we'll explore three effective methods to correct point of view in your pictures utilizing Lightroom Classic 2023. Throughout the tutorial, I'll offer step-by-step directions to assist you master each method and compare each method to find the best one! I hope this helps, leave comment if you have any questions!

00:00 Introduction
01:00 first point of view correction technique
01:20 second method
01:50 3rd viewpoint correction approach
02:40 cropping the pictures
03:20 comparing the 3 methods
03:43 Natural drama formula bonus offer
04:15 fine-tuning the colors
04:40 suggestions
05:20 how to utilize automobile mask

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3 ways to correct perspective in your photo with Lightroom classic 2023

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