5 WORST GOPRO MISTAKES You’re Probably Making

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00:00 – Introduction.

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5 WORST GOPRO MISTAKES You’re Probably Making

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  1. Which of the five have you been guilty of?! Let me know! Also, what other questions do you have that are GoPro related? Any other videos that you want to see coming up soon?

  2. I’ve definitely been guilty of all of these! I have tried to slowdown when using it and it does make a difference. Always good tips, cheers!

    1. For sure one of the most common! Because they’re so dang small, it’s actually harder to move them smoothly

  3. Great tips as always. One of the tricks I use when backpacking or hiking, because the terrain is so rough and uneven, is to attach the camera (using a snapmount and a GoPro pole mount) to one of my trekking poles up by the grip, this can be done with a selfie stick as well, then turn the pole upside-down so the camera is on the bottom, then hold the top of the pole, thus “Floating the camera on the bottom. I use this method for low angle shots, but you can raise up your arm and create chest high shots as well.

    I am not guilty of any of those things because I watch David Manning videos…

  4. I knew you’d go inside your van. You should have shown the Osmo Action 3 inside your van with the same settings. Good video, of course everything is subjected to expectations and personal creative goals.

  5. I definitely have to work on treating it like a bigger camera and the 5 sec tip. Thanks for the informational videos !

  6. My personal favorite is when I take off my ND filters and forget to restore the shutter speed 😅

  7. Great tips David, that’s exactly the way to use a GoPro and get cinematic like footage 🔥. I don’t treat it as an action cam and people are always surprised on how good my videos look. But i must admit i am guilty of the last one, i actually forget that it’s so small and that you can literally put it almost everywhere and get really unique perspectives with it. My angles are pretty standard, i’ll take the note to work on getting more creative angles on my next videos ✌ Cheers!

    1. @David Manning It’s a great tool to always have with you and it’s fun to shoot with, that’s why i love it so much 😁My Sony cameras must hate my GoPros, they get much more action😅

  8. For me it’s mostly not taking long enough shots and then in editing… Well you know how it goes. Thanks for the tips

    1. Gahhhh, that moment in the edit when you realize your clip isn’t long enough for the edit you’re trying to make! The worst!!!

  9. David, those were all really good tips.
    I use your settings and my video colors look amazing.
    But they are overheating my camera when I shoot inside the car (with the air on). I am trying no battery and no battery door (have external power). Any suggestions on a fast and good memory card?
    I’ve switched over to DiVince Resolve as an editor.

    1. The main cause of heat on these cameras is frame rate. Higher frame rates will heat them up quick, so stay down in the 30fps range to get the longest life out of them👍

  10. Still waiting on that paramotor content! Stop wasting time and start the amazing journey!

    1. I’m feeling like this would quickly become an obsession. It’s for sure on my list, but not quite near the top just yet!

    2. @David Manning oh it will! It’s life changing. Haha can’t wait for when you do in the future! The epitome of freedom

  11. Back to the Rode Videomic Pro? I switched to the Sony EM…R2D2 (whatever it’s called) and tried the Go II but I find myself missing the Pro again. Thoughts?

    1. I’m back on the VideoMicPro+ train. The differences are mostly preference, but I just love the audio coming out of this thing and a the end of the day, ya gotta like what you’re making!

  12. Thank you for the tips & keep the video’s coming you definitely helped me and I appreciate you and your work 😊 👍.
    And remember ” Be a good human “

  13. David back in the day you posted a video on the proper way to export videos for YouTube but now that the new Premier pro 2023 is out do we still wanna go through MEDIA ENCODER? Because it sure does look a whole lot different than from your video back you’re video back then are you ever gonna do a new one and updated 1? Just curious

  14. david! it’s ya boy Matt Jackson I just got the hero 11! I’ve always shot in 2.5k with my hero 9’s but i’m thinking about jumping ot 4k, 10 bit & high bit rate. Is that going to add a whole bunch of extras size to my files? 🙁

    1. The 10-bit will for sure grow your file sizes, but the footage is going to look soooooo good🙌

  15. Yep I’m that jerky camera guy , 5 seconds steady is the way forward 👍

  16. What Mount do you feel the most safe using for mounting on car or dashboard?

  17. Since I follow your channel my gopro stuff is much better. My main struggles continue around lighting and creative camera placement. Your settings videos always offer great information.

  18. I am so bad about getting in a hurry and not holding the shot long enough.

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