A Game Changing Lens for Street Photography (The Fuji 90mm f/2)

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A Game Changing Lens for Street Photography (The Fuji 90mm f/2)

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  1. Hi Faizal! I’m a big fan of your work! I hope your travels have been enjoyable and I can’t wait till you make a magazine!

    1. I just released one! it’s called street journals you can find it on my website 🙂

  2. It’s so fun going out with a lens that forces you to think about how you shoot in a different way. Always a good learning experience, and an exercise in seeing through the camera.

  3. I’ve been using the 90 F2 for years! As a street photographer, one thing I don’t think people realize is for those who love 35 mm, if you look at most streets around the country, photographing across the street from where you are is the equivalent to a 35 mm with a 90.
    In a place like New Orleans, where the streets are very narrow, it doesn’t work quite as well. But in streets like Seattle, where I’m from it works very well!
    It also helps if you use the focus limiter, as it speeds up and gives your lens better accuracy! As far as the weight of the lens goes, just use a thumb grip on your camera – problem solved!

  4. I’m very much about mastering one focal length. Well sorta, the 35 and 40mm. Used the 50mm for years but it just never was quite right. 28mm and zoom lenses I just never enjoyed. But as you tuber I understand mixing it up for your audience

    1. Haha, I don’t even do it for YouTube although it does make sense to. I just enjoy switching it up for myself

  5. Great video and nice to hear the story behind your choice of lens. I really enjoy using vintage lens on new digital cameras. Always interesting results with Aps-c sensor and lens challenges, But that is the fun and frustration of using them sometimes. Thanks for sharing your photo journey!

  6. Lovely video again friend. I’ve had the 90mm but it was too uncomfortable for spontaneous street shooting. I bought the new 56mm WR and that one is awesome. More flexible and still that shallow atmosphere. The XT5 has a nice beefy look now. Keep up the beautiful work!

  7. Isn’t it too tight? My first street photos were with a 135mm equiv as I wasn’t sure how Japanese people would react. But the more I shot the wider I went. I liked the context in shots telling a bigger story. I suppose tighter lenses are more about juxtaposition and abstract framing (love the shots at 4:20 and 4:23), but a part of me thinks it’s sometimes too voyeuristic. I keep restraining myself from shooting people’s back or I try to be within a distance where they acknowledge my presence but aren’t bothered by me.

  8. For those of you who find this lens expensive, you can try Viltrox 75mm F1.2. Such an amazing lens with exepcional build quality and sharpness. also suitable for night photography. But it’s a bit bulky.

  9. Can you do a video about using zoom lenses for street photography?? Am really having fun using my 16-50mm zoom lens and I don’t really need bokeh for street photography and I don’t really shoot at night time

  10. You should get an m-mount 90mm and adapt it! The Leica 90mm 2.8 tele-elmarit and the Voigtlander 90mm 2.8 APO are both tiny and only 225 to 250 grams. Or something even cheaper, the Minolta 90mm m-rokkor f4.

  11. I used to shoot street with the 75 1.8 on Olympus and had great results. The Fuji 90 is fantastic, but pretty big. The new Samyang 75 1.8 on fuji is probably a better option.

  12. That is a great lens. I love it. I also try 70-300 in street and it totally works, too.

  13. Regarding Venice, the general topic of over-tourism and street photography would be interesting. It is challenging or conflicting when trying to capture candid life in such remarkable places when the situation differs and comes closer to an overcrowded theme park (probably one should document the tourists then too). But, of course, this applies to many other places, cities or landscapes.

  14. i have the 80mm, but i find if i want to go for ranged street i have more fun with the 55-200.

  15. Great video, I really like the look of your photos! If it should be light you could also check out the 75mm 1.8 from Samyang. Unfortunately no aputure ring…

  16. If you don’t care about auto focus and want something smaller. The voigtlander 90 APO f2.8 adapted from the M-mount is a great choice. I chose that setup over this for its small form factor.

  17. The 135mm lens was developed by E. Leitz because it was the longest focal length with a frame that appeared on some Leica cameras, sort of a lens development for a viewfinder limitation. There was brief flurry of other brands developing them, but it quickly developed into one of the most unpopular focal lengths for film cameras – not long enough to be that different from a 90 or 100 and a little face flattening compared to the shorter portrait lengths. The 200 became very popular because of the jump in perspective. It was before “street photography” became a thing though.

  18. changing focal lengths after a long time sticking to one can be so refreshing! its like gazing at the world with fresh eyes

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