A Morning Walk Around Istanbul with the X-E4 and 35mm f/2

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0:00 – Introduction.
2:14 – Squarespace.
3:14 – An Early morning Walk with the .

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A Morning Walk Around Istanbul with the X-E4 and 35mm f/2

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  1. That really was a photographer’s playground. The way the light came through those side streets was really nice. How early in the morning was this and do these side streets become a lot more congested later on in the day? Also, LOL at the commentary about nearly losing a foot, as I thought he was awfully close before you said something.

  2. What focusing settings do you use for your street photography on the xe4

  3. Have you ever talked about how you use BBAF in M and AF-S modes? because im getting confused if you use it in a different way per mode.

    1. He talked about it in his ‘How i use the XE-4’ video. From memory it was something like using AF+MF so manual focus is always active then you can AF by using the back button.

  4. This video make me hype to get outside to shoot some photos and try to get back on some street photo walk videos ! thanks for the video !

  5. as someone just getting into photography, i really like these long form pov videos. it gives more of a window into how you actually find and compose shots, which is a real struggle for me in my (mostly) boring surroundings

  6. Loved the more raw style and it didn’t feel lengthy at all either. Definitely an enjoyable watch! Also, that puddle shot was 🔥

  7. Hi faizal, it was a really good video egain, thanks foor your share, i walk in instanbul with you during 25 min and it was great ! Neverthless i have a question about the film you use on your video camera ( not your xe4 the camera you use for the video) it’s make me think to the portra film but im not really sure that’s it ? or it is another ?

  8. Just commenting to cast a vote for more organic POV videos like this one. I enjoy seeing photographers working a scene or what catches their attention (or not) as they walk through an area.

  9. This is my absolute favourite combo. the 35 f/2 basically lives on my X-E4… took most of my favourite shots on my last trip to Florence with this setup

  10. Great video – love the city. How early in the morning was this and where in the City?

  11. I love the long form videos. I just started my channel and I’ve been doing 3-4 minute segments but I’m definitely going to start adding longer narratives. Check it out if you’re into seeing how I use my XE4!

  12. Your videos are inspiring me to get back to photography and try street photography at that. Thank you.

  13. Faizal, what film recipe or adjustments to the camera profile are you shooting with?

  14. I really prefer these longer POV’s just as it is doing street photography, walking for hours chasing shadows, lost and absorbed.

  15. That was an amazing stroll. You gave us an intimate view of a city most of us might never see.. Thx Faizal !

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