A most affordable, yet powerful Photo editor!

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It's been a while considering that we've taken a look at Luminar NEO, the new features they've been including are truly rather outstanding. Now with extensions for things like Panorama Stitching, HDR, Focus Stacking permit you to perform intricate images using multiple shots. The new Generative tools including GenErase, GenSwap and GenExpand use AI to carry out intricate edits in minutes. The AI editing tools are likewise quite outstanding, enabling users of any experience level to perform fast and complicated edits just by moving a couple of sliders.

0:00 What is Luminar Neo?
1:25 Interface and how it works
2:20 Extensions
3:35 GenErase
6:04 Presets
7:48 Complicated lighting and landscapes
11:44 Pictures and Studio Light

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A most affordable, yet powerful Photo editor!

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    1. No Off setting for auto upload. And Off should become the default setting.

    2. Mega expensive (I’m not into stealing software), GIMP is a lot cheaper!

    3. Subscription only option is a no go. It’s anti consumer and they don’t deserve my money.

    4. @@Tryptic2x In my case, I didn’t want to shell out a one time cost of hundreds and hundreds of dollars to “own” the software. To me, $9.95 a month seems like a tremendous bargain, and that small amount of money has zero impact on my life. So for me, it’s pro consumer.

  1. How often you find yourself using the generative ai and do you think after using it, it devalues the work ? Would like to hear your perspective. Big Fan of your videos.

    1. Generative AI when it comes to utilizing it for masking my image has been an absolute game changer for me and my work.

    2. @@MagnitudeReviews thats how what he was talking about but the added stuff AI can add

  2. Darktable…yes there is a learning curve initially but once you get it..

  3. You had me ready to buy until the word subscription came out. I am not a fan of them. At $12/month… Definitely not reasonable to the casual photographer

    1. Same in my opinion. Every software you cannot buy, doesn’t exist in my world!

    2. They had one time purchase option, before they “made a jump” into subscription scheme..

  4. You should run NEO on a recent Win 11 PC If you have Windows). I’ve had NEO- non subs- for months, on a DELL XPS desktop that will be 8 yrs old this Spring (to be replaced). After uses of NEO, and I have browser with YouTube and lots on windows open, moving around and renaming lots if files and more – things all freeze,. Can’t even close ‘apps’.

    PC works well otherwise but I do have very long shut down and start times (press the switch to kill power or and I need to let it be for over 15 min to be able to use).

  5. Only Lightroom mobile can edit myuHDR photo’s from the pixel 7pro so im stuck for the moment

  6. I found it edited too much then that’s not your photo. I am an old school and I don’t like spending too much time tweeting the photos.

  7. Yes more advanced and slick than LR. I want to move away from needing cloud LR and classic LR, essentially having to rely on two versions of the same software as the overlap of functions is terrible.

  8. There are free options that have gotten fairly competent. I’ve been using darktable for a while now when I can’t be bothered to swap to Windows (my main OS is openSUSE, Windows is basically just for Adobe suite, Sigma Photo Pro, and the few games that proton doesn’t like) and even then I have darktable setup with Affinity Photo 2 unless I really need Adobe tools. Darktable is getting easier to use over time, but there is still a fairly steep learning curve due to the depth of what’s offered (lots of useful tooltips, at least). I don’t know if an absolute beginner should get their first taste of raw processing with it. If they’ve watched guides for any other software and understand what different tools are (levels, curves, exposure, general tools/terms that apply everywhere), then it’s worth installing just to play with, IMO.

    I’m not someone that pushes software like that, I’ll never say GIMP can replace Photoshop for an efficient workflow like some delusional people. Darktable has come a long way and can actually function for my workflow.

  9. no its not efficient… when you take 26% of a modern high end CPU like a 14900k, you do not get to claim it is efficient… because just no

  10. Would love to switch from LR but the catalogue with smart previews and my raw files on a NAS is just the best workflow for me. No other software offers this

  11. It’s a SUBSCRIPTION based App = No-Go, I pay I own, I don’t get milked for the rest of my life by a marketing dude.

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