A Week of Photography in Tokyo

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0:00 – Intro
2:40 – POV
7:08 – Cinematic Montage

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A Week of Photography in Tokyo

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  1. Glad you’re here to photograph this awesome country! I’ve been here for two years and it’s still a new scene every single day 🤙🏼

  2. Beautiful video. As someone living in Tokyo, I always look forward to your work. I’m truly moved that you came to Japan, a place I love, and created such a wonderful piece. Thank you. I hope this becomes a cherished memory for you. Thank you.

  3. As a photographer who also always cherished this place so much (my family has been in Tokyo for many generations), it’s so cool to see it through your lens! Stoked you got to make your dreams come true ~

  4. Excellent video and photos. Tokyo is indeed a photographer’s dream place to be in. Capture moments, aesthetics, reflections, colors, mood, lighting, just about everying is there.

  5. From the music, if you like Japanese fusion I recommend bands like Casiopea and T-Square. ❤

  6. Went there October last year and had a blast taking photos there! We’ve decided our next family trip will be Japan again!

  7. wow, it’s nice to see other street photographers who i also follow on your video 💪

  8. 5:03 is one of my favorite photos from this video. And – wow – such a great rainy day film sequence from 7:38 to around 7:45. But you are always on the lookout for the best motifs for your photos, both in color and in black and white. Especially since in this big city you have to keep up with the hustle and bustle and the rapid flow of time. It’s a pleasure to watch. Thanks!

  9. Every time I watch your videos I think to myself, “man, Faizal really needs to get himself to Japan!”. I’m so glad you’re there now and I look forward to seeing more of the fun times I’m sure you’ll have. 行っていらっしゃい!!

  10. As someone who’s been living in Tokyo for some years now, I’m very impressed what you’ve been able to capture, both in video and in your pictures.

  11. Lil bro’s having the time of his life. Enjoy! Such a great city, but make sure to get out of it too – the nature and rural towns of Japan are just as incredible!

  12. Did you all get together and go on a group YouTube street photographers trip? Literally the amount of you guys posting vids there is insane

  13. As someone who lived there for 4 months. I highly recommend going out into “Old Japan” the country side (Nik-Ko/Kyoto ect) as well as coppin a short cheap flight to Okinawa as well to see a completely different side of Japan.

    Truly a remarkable place that is vast in its aesthetics. Cant wait to to back simply for documentation.

    Best of luck out there. Great work as always.

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