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  1. Love your channel but I’m new to it just wondering what you do for a living I must admit I’m jealous about you ability to travel the world and take photos.

    1. Yes it is, you two are both inspiration to me, keep a look out for my next video

  2. Quite strange to watch you taking pictures and filming places I know. I was looking forward to this video to see what pictures you would take of the city I live in. Your eye is amazing. I loved these 12 minutes. It’s great that you want to continue to document more of your photo experiences like this !

  3. Thank you for this video! I was in a rut with my photography and had no inspiration for it. This definitely sparks inspiration.

  4. That “new” direction sounds great. I love when you share your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences, whether it be directly photography related or otherwise.

  5. Lovely. I hope you will also post some images you take with the Ricoh.

  6. Nicely done. You gave a great perspective of your first time in Paris. Keep it going.

  7. I live there… ran into you last week. I see you took some suggestions

  8. Try the Bastille and Canal Saint Martin, Saint Genevieve, the back of Sacre Coer (not the main square in the front of the church), the back streets of Saint Germaine des Pres after midnight, and the Couleé Vert René Dumont.

  9. Being a fan of your work it is so disturbing to watch you exploring a city that I know, finally ! Great stuff Faizal 🙂

  10. Bonjour! As a young French photographer, it’s truly inspiring to witness the creative process of other artists. The dedication, passion, and skill that goes into producing beautiful and meaningful images is something that I deeply admire. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your work with the world – your quality and sensitivity are evident in every piece you create. Your art has not only moved me, but has also inspired me to continue pursuing my own photography journey. Merci beaucoup and keep going ! 🙏✨

  11. I really enjoy this format. I learn a lot from just watching how you approach each subject. I would also appreciate if you mentioned the cameras used in the video description.

  12. Fabulous takes! Yes, Paris is big and overwhelmingly stunning to roam around and capture snaps of moments (and life)! As a fan of your work, I look forward to viewing this beautiful city’s incredible photographs on your photographic canvas! Cheers.

  13. Hi Faizal, do you use the 35mm for video as well or just stills? I love how you focus on details, i need to that more often

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