Ace Pro’s Best-Kept SECRET FEATURE

It's insane no one has actually spoken about this feature on the !
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Falcam Suction Mount:.
Falcam Action Web Cam Mount:.
USB-C with right angle:.
Camera -.
Picture Cam -.
Main lens:.
Preferred Lens:.
Long lens:.
NEW Cam Bag:.
Knapsack Clip:.
BEST Travel Tripod:.
F38 Quick Release System:.
Vlog Tripod -.
Vlog Tripod Head -.
Quick Release System:.
Ace Pro:.
Insta360 ONE X3 -.
DJI Action 4:.
GoPro Hero 12:.
Quick Release Action Equipment:.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather cam strap:.
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PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.
00:00 – Introduction.

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Ace Pro's Best-Kept SECRET FEATURE

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  1. Thanks David… Hey maybe next year could you do a Christmas gift idea video?

  2. DJI come on we need to copy some of these features 😁i need this webcam firmware update DJI. thanks again DAVID

  3. I’ve had this thing for 6 days and everytime I turn it on i find something new, for the first time, an actioncam that’s actually fun to use.

    1. The software feature side of things is for sure one of Insta360’s strengths!

  4. So you’re using it, have an accident. Hit stop and it saves a 30 minute clip. When you hit record again, does it start a new 30 minute clip or overwrite the old 30 minute clip?

  5. GoPro Labs firmware technically has offered this feature since 2020 (and backward compatible to Hero7). However, I tried it with a Hero8 (bought an Ulanzi door to expose the USB-C port) on my *rear* window (makes it less conspicuous) and it was very unreliable. I suspect part of that was it was a 3 year old battery and the charging speed for the USB-C still wasn’t faster than the drain when the camera was on.

    So you really should try using it for a week to see if it works as well in practice as it does in theory. For one thing, batteries degrade in hot weather and having your camera bake in the sun all day isn’t great for the health of the battery and/or circuitry.

    That being said… the other features of the GoPro Labs are pretty convenient – you can program setting via QR code, and you can do things like schedule recording/timelapses to a specific time (e.g. start recording at 6AM for the sunrise, that way the battery is conserved in the hours before that time and you don’t need to wake up early to turn it on).

    1. Not sure if it works with GoPro Labs on the Hero 8, but on the Ace Pro you don’t need the battery in the camera for this feature to work. So if you’re looking to save your battery from the scorching heat of cars sitting in the sun, that’s pretty solid!

    2. @@DavidManningvlog Technically the GoPro works without the battery with the “turn on when powered via USB-C feature”… but if the USB power cutoff, the video can get corrupted because not all of the buffered recording was save on the SD the moment the power cut out.

      I doubt they added a capacitor (this is what some dashcams have instead of a battery to deal with the temperature) to the Ace Pro to avoid this so it depends on how graceful the Ace Pro handle sudden loss of power.

  6. This is amazing! However, if I have a 30 minute drive to work every day, will it save the 30 minute file every time I shut the car off? Or will it start to overwrite the last drive I had if I never press the button? OR, does it just delete every drive I have when I turn it off if I never pressed the button and then start with a clean slate when I start my car back up? Does that make sense?

    1. That totally makes sense, and you’re exactly right, you would have a file from each drive. A quick drop into the app and you could clear out a bunch of them at once though👍

  7. Purpose-built dash cams are designed to be closer to the glass to reduce reflections. Otherwise, good idea.

    1. That’s something I changed with the mount after filming this video. Instead of dropping straight down, I pushed the camera forward on the Falcam mount so the lens was almost touching the windshield. Much less reflection in the shot!

  8. This will soon replace my slowly dying Hero 7 Black as my daily helmet commuter cam. Probably overkill for this alone, but I imagine I’ll use it in other scenarios, too.

    1. Oh man, as a motorcycle dash cam, it could save you in an insurance claim situation!

  9. Loop Time recording also has an infinite at the start I saw briefly. I guess that starts again when the sd card is full

  10. As for the constant charging, check out Dongar Technologies mirror adapters. Many cars have powered mirrors (e.g. for garage openers) and one can hook up a USB port directly onto that power source. This way no need to mess with the inner liner of the car. Maybe a topic for another review? It looks that your Sprinter van doesn’t have powered mirror though. What about the second car in the family?

  11. Can you confirm that it overwrites the “dash cam” video file it was recording in a previous drive whenever you start the car up again. Or does it start an additional file every time you start it up?

    1. An additional file each drive, so with a 256gb card ($25), you would need to dip into the app every ten 30 minute drives to batch delete the files you don’t need

  12. You won’t get readable plate numbers unless you’re super close to the other vehicle.

    1. From my footage, if you’re within about 30ft, I can read a license plate

  13. Thank you so much but i wanna ask you is it true that’s this camera not good at all about auto focus? Or they fix this problem ?

    1. Action cameras don’t have autofocus and instead are all fixed focus (GoPro, DJI, Insta360). The minimum focusing distance on the Ace Pro is a bit further than DJI’s, but it’s been working great for me. I think if you’re looking at close focusing filters, you could even sharpen it up more, but then you lose a lot of background detail

    2. @@DavidManningvlog i have osmo pocket 3 and the auto focus is great i dont know about this camera some vloger said it lose the focus on their faces so thats my question 😢

  14. Funny, I first bought my GoPro Hero 3 to be a better dash cam. It had looping and I gave it external power, with 5 minute loops. Got lots of good footage of bad drivers that way. Good to see the camera makers are finally back to that, LOL.

  15. I don’t think I would be leaving it in the car all the time. Nice charging idea.

  16. Print a 3D black cover that you can take off when you get inside the car. That would be the only solution to not be worry. And I feel you on that lol 😅

  17. I wouldn’t dare leave this visible in my car, the Bay Area blippers would smash and grab it in a heartbeat. I’ve had problems establishing and maintaining connection with the remote and can see this being a great alternative to get recordings to start though.

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