Advice for a young photographer

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Some good picture critiques today including some advice for a young photographer

Featured in this video:
Erhan Coral
Svetoslav Ivanov
Jim Graham

0:00 Ground Rules for Critiques
2:53 Zines by Luc Kordas
5:00 Kaleidoscapes London by Dean Homer
7:06 Construct your site with Squarespace
8:38 Matin Ziv Portfolio
13:29 Flowers by Dave Bittlecombe

Luc Kordas
Dean Homer
Matin Ziv
Dave Bittlecombe

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Advice for a young photographer

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  1. “We’re all trying to get better in the end.”

    Man you’ve rocked my world with your videos, made me find passion where it was lacking, and have been a complete inspirational force driving some of the things I’ve been doing professionally, personally, and creatively. Thank you so much for your videos. You have a lifelong fan here.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s easy to relate to the notion of making tangible photos and ‘zines. It’s inspiring.

  3. I look for your new videos. They always are enjoyable, as well as instructional. Good stuff!

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