AI Photography is Here: Now What?

There's no rejecting that is here, but what does it mean for photography and other standard art kinds? Is this the or a risk to the medium? I wonder what you all believe so please share your thoughts in the comments!

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is Here: Now What?

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  1. I don’t think AI generated anything will take over human made things. It is the fact that these pieces were made by people, with their experiences and thoughts and self influencing every piece that gives it meaning and makes them important and special. An AI generated piece of work means nothing, it has no meaning or thought behind it at all, it may look cool but that’s as far as it will ever go. Human made things will always be on top for us as a whole I think.

    1. yeah but the problem is people trying to pass off AI generated art as their own or claiming that it is an acutaly photography taken by a human. Imagine how much better AI will be in just 5 years time.

    2. @James Barcelona  There is already other AI programs being developed to break down and figure out whether or not something given to it was generated by AI. I don’t know if you have worked with machine learning in any way in the past, but when it gives out an image or video, etc, there are certain artifacts which are minute but noticeable when put under a “microscope”. So for now that is what is being looked for, but in the future there will either have to he a tagging system in which you can prove via export from photoshop or other file system that what you are providing is authentic, maybe like copyright where it is a proper verification of proof. And if it becomes an issue, laws could be put in place to punish those who fake this verification like those who break copyright. That is just one idea, but there are ways to get around and prove something was made by someone and not AI

    3. @dark whale  Yes that is definitely a problem, and is insulting to the world of artists who have put years of effort into refining their craft. And yes in 5 years AI will definitely be much better, but for one it may also be kinda phased out and out of fashion to make things like that. But if not yes we will have to find some way to prove authenticity which I discussed in another reply here. I think with our ingenuity we will figure out some way around this issue. It may persist and there will be those who try to pass things off as their own, but it will be figured out in time and we will just have to wait and see

  2. thank you for your videos Faizal! you’re such a great inspiration. your videos that are supposed to teach art of photography not only do that excellently, but are art themselves.

  3. I have yet to see anything by AI that can replicate the look and feel of film. I think once that happens we are all truly doomed

  4. All Ai art has someone’s human touch, all build on real works that came before it. As someone who makes private work just for myself, this of course is no threat at all. But for people who actually make money off photography it’s a real threat. But on the other hand it might also be a great way to create reference images for actual photographers. DALL-E is like a doodle, but from what i have seen from Midjourney, there is in most cases at instagram size no way to tell the difference.

  5. Hard disagree with the point that companies wouldn’t take advantage of AI images over real people. They might like the idea of “human connection” but in the end the money will dictate. There is also a factor of convience when they can just type a prompt and instantly get results they can adjust. They can then run hundreds of iterations to get exactly what they want. A human photographer wouldn’t be able to do that.

  6. Machine learning is also the secret sauce to Sony’s dead eye focus at f/2 while running alongside your model. One could say Sony users have been producing AI generated images for quite some time.

  7. somehow that little (human) in the end made me wanna cry. thank you for being human.

  8. At the end of the day, I think it’s the political and capitalism issues that concern me the most. With the advanced tools such as midjourney, it’s easier than ever to fake an image. So eventually we fall on this essential question of what is real, as you mentioned multiple times in this video. And it’s always easier to believe than to critically determine. I’m just very scared that it’s now easier than ever for someone in power to feed AI and users misinformation, or simply biased, selective information. I know that with the power of PS this had been a long existing issue, but just the fact that now with AI to fake something takes way less arduous effort than spending hours manually PS a fake photo, makes it ever more concerning.

  9. Wow, looks like the end of the photography profession, the photography industry and a great tool for misinformation by unscrupulous advertisers and Governments. I do agree with you in your statement about human art gaining more meaning, and value.

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