AirPods Pro 2 – What Apple Didn’t Talk About

released the last week, but are they worth the upgrade?
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00:00 – Intro
05:03 – I TOLD YOU SO
06:20 – Sponsor
07:04 – Sound Quality 2
08:50 – Noise Cancellation AirPods Pro 2
09:45 – Transparency Mode AirPods Pro 2

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AirPods Pro 2 – What Apple Didn't Talk About

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    1. Did you get the first Gen of the AirPods Max Alex? How did you like them?

  1. I have the gens 2 but not the pros. I did own a pair of pros but did not like them because they didn’t fit my ear properly. Glad they came out with different sizes. I might try the pros out again but the non-pros, I really like them. I will wait until they do not work anymore. Another informative and great video. Cool to the throw back video and hearing Morgan sing…although I’ve downloaded some of her songs already.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of people say that same thing! That they picked up the Pros at some point and then switched back to the regular AirPods. Makes sense being that they’re in-ear and obviously everyone’s ears are a little different. Have you seen those earbud makers where they send you a molding kit to get custom earbuds made? Would be sweet to see someone make those for AirPods 🙌

  2. I have upgraded from the gen 1 to the gen 2, pretty much for the reasons you mentioned. My gen 1’s were getting old. Not charging properly or holding a charge.

    You pretty much covered all the improvements, but for me, somehow the fit is also better. The new ones sit closer to my head/ears, if that makes sense. They feel more secure, even though the form factor looks identical.

    I am also very impressed with the noise canceling of the gen 2’s. Almost scary if you sit in silence with them on. I always have fans and air conditioners on. And with the gen 1’s, I could still slightly hear my fans, even with noise canceling on. Not with the gen 2’s. The noise canceling of the gen 2’s is extremely better than the 1’s.

    And one last thing that impresses me about the gen 2’s…is the “adaptive transparency” feature of the transparency mode. It reduces your exposure the loud sounds in your environment. Also giving you control on the decibel level of that filter. Pretty cool tech.

    1. Interesting to hear that they fit better Manny! I wonder if the tip silicone is slightly different on the Gen 2’s. I’m man, I totally agree on the noise cancellation and adaptive transparency. They’re bananas good now! Crazy to see these features in a set of headphones that fits in your pocket🤯

  3. I’ve enjoyed my Gen 1s. They stay in my ear vs the originals that just hang there waiting to fall out. BUT when they called them noise canceling I laughed… they slightly reduced the noise, never did they cancel the noise. Here’s where the lawyers state that indeed, the portion of the noise you are no longer hearing was cancelled… never did we say they cancel all of the noise 😉. I use my ear pods mostly for phone calls and audio books and in transparency mode. Rarely for music and rarely with noise canceling. So I’ll be waiting for my units to start giving me trouble before upgrading.

    1. The noise cancelling in general is interesting on any headphones. It cancels most constant noises, but super loud or fast harsh noises always get through. The noise cancellation on the Pro 2’s is for sure a big step up. I’ve got a flight coming up in a couple weeks that I’m very excited to try them out on!

  4. Own the gem 1’s. The 2’s are getting delivered today. My wife will get the 1’s.

  5. Ok, what car charger was that? It looks like it may work for what I’ve been looking for. Although I use apple car play. 🤔 still want to know.

  6. I think for the price, you should be able to buy a pair and have them work for more than a few years. I understand that batteries wear out but there should be a battery replacement program for any device that use batteries that can’t be replaced by the user. Also, I have the same label maker and I love it, by dad used one when I was a kid to label everything and I bought one after I couldn’t find his, I was hoping to inherit it one day….lol

    1. Oh man, the whole right to repair conversation with Apple continues! It’s ridiculous that there isn’t a battery swap program where you can send in your older device and have it swapped out. For MOST electronics, the battery is the first thing to go and usually the main reason for upgrading. Unfortunately Apple knows that as well, so they don’t have much incentive to start up a program like that😑

  7. I have thought about your 2017 comment about the volume adjustment SO MANY TIMES since then! Last year I got the Bose NC700 wireless noise canceling headphones and they have it! I love that feature!

    1. It just makes so much sense and crazy that it took Apple this long to figure out the implementation! I do still wish it was on the outside of the stem and not the front, but I’m not complaining, I’m just stoked to have it!

  8. Selling point for me is the adaptive transparency! So useful since I have sensitive hearing. Thanks for the good content as always David.

  9. One thing most reviews don’t cover is the microphone quality for the other person your speaking to on the phone. I know my air pod pros I can barely do anything while I’m on the phone or I get complaints about how loud it is or what am I doing it’s so loud.

    Do you have any comparison results regarding this?

  10. So stoked they have more tips now! Mine were always too big for my ears and so uncomfortable.

  11. Im planning on upgrading maybe for christmas. My gen ones kinda suck now because the battery life is so bad. Also, I learned a long time ago to never click off of a David Manning video until its actually over. Those are always the bloopers, or funny videos.

  12. Great video as always. Not an Apple user (except for my work phone), but really enjoy the depth you go into products like these.

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