Amazing Landscape photography Tips by Jabi Sanz

Remarkable Landscape from this incredible Spanish Landscape Professional photographer. You will get to discover more about this amazing artist, the method he records his topic, how he establishes his photos and much more!

00:00 introduction
02:05 How began in
04:46 Exploring Site and developments
05:35 How did Jabi Sanz establish his style and techniques
07:40 How Jabi Sanz find his motivation to shoot
11:15: How does Jabi Sanz compose his pictures
19:00 Which software does Jabi Sanz use for post processing
20:08 Post Processing workflow of Jabi Sanz
34:57 Future goals as a professional photographer
36:10 How to learn from Jabi Sanz

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Amazing Landscape by Jabi Sanz

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  1. Great stuff! Thank you both for sharing these powerful techniques in post processing.

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