An alternative way to show off your images!

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Friday implies mail time! I have some actually fascinating jobs sent out in from viewers. Inspect it out!

Included in this video:
Dan Fiore
Jean-Baptiste Schneider
Adolfo Camacho
Jamie Maldonado
Gabriel Hall

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An alternative way to show off your images!

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  1. Thank you, Ted — could you do a deeper look at one ‘zine or book, at some time?

  2. I’ve kind of been getting back into street and car shows a bit. Picked up a beater X-e4. Also bought a mini link printer thingy. If I get a good shot I will usually leave a print with my Socials on the back. People seem to have really enjoyed the mementos. Costs a bit, but being someone who always watches photogs out and about it feels nice to solve the mystery for onlookers.

  3. Very basic from what I learned from living in Hawaii for a few years. I’m probably off a bit not being a native Hawaiian but I have a love for the culture. Aloha Aina is “love of land” aloha meaning “loving you” that’s why Hawaiians use it as a greeting and a good bye. You’re saying, “I am loving you”. Aina (eye-nah) is the land but much deeper. A rich connection of the culture and it’s ties to the land. Aloha Aina is deep to the soul. Thanks for the video as always terrific and an education.

  4. always love these videos, nice ways to get to know other photographers ♥

  5. Thank you for this video, Ted. You always offer insightful and useful information.

  6. I love the idea of website-as-zine! And I’d argue the Speedhunters blog, especially the earlier posts, were essentially small zines. Your comment has opened the floodgates in my mind about how I could informally publish some work, especially now that I’ve lost interest in Insta and the other socials.

  7. I make 7 x 5 inch chapbooks to show sets of photos. These are designed using Affinity Publisher, printed on double sided Matt paper, folded then stitched. Definitely low tech but I like the result. To my mind these are more Zine-like than the more glossy publications you featured.

  8. At timestamp 3:54, what video on ‘printing’ is being referred to? I looked though many of your videos, but do not see anything very recent.

  9. Ted, thanks for the shout out on my photo box? Did you like the images???? Dan (last name: Fiore)

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