Apple Studio Display. MY ONE REGRET.

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Long Story Short
03:04 – What have the HATERS said?
05:00 – Why did I buy it?
10:45 – Final Thoughts

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    1. Hahaa! Yep, had to be done to see the full studio display! Which stand did you go with for yours?

    2. @David Manning I got the exact one as you with the tilt only because it was sold out everywhere a month ago but I found one lone in stock at my local Best Buy that the store manager didn’t even know he had in his inventory so I bought. My only regret is the same as yours but glad I got my hands on one early so all good.

  1. What do you guys think? Worth the $1,600 for this thing? Also, which stand/mount would you guys go for and why?

  2. Loved the video!! I currently have 2 Thunderbolt Displays and keep noticing how far off the colors are. What did you use to calibrate yours?

  3. I totally agree, I need the VESA bracket, but I do not like the Apple logo is hidden by the VESA mount. The iMac 24” VESA adapter is a better solution, because it is a little bit below the Apple logo.

    1. Not an issue for my setup, because it’s just up against a wall, but super weird decision from Apple, huh?! They usually love showing off that logo!

  4. You can buy vesa mount for non-vesa monitors. Some non-vesa models are bulky, little bit of research needed to find the perfect one. The monitor stand would awkwardly hang, probably removable.

    1. I’ve seen those options, but it would be a deal breaker if I couldn’t get this stand off of there. Also, might just entirely ruin the Apple aesthetic 🤷‍♂

  5. Things that did not age well – Apple advertising themselves as the “more affordable” option.

    1. Hahah! I do sort of remember back in the day Apple adverting like that. For sure aimed at the student market, but hard to say that about anything in their lineup anymore🤣

  6. I think the VESA mount would’ve been a deal breaker for me. I’ve got a dual arm running my 32″ 4k monitor and an HD monitor vertically and have loads of spare space on my desk.

    1. Luckily, the VESA mount option isn’t extra from Apple. So for the same $1,599 you can choose that option. Of course, then you have to buy a VESA arm if you don’t already have one. But I still wish I would have gone for that option😐

  7. Honestly if they would’ve made a 32″ option I would’ve been down. But I’ve been living with my 27″ iMac (same exact display) and that feels cramped to me now.

    1. The size isn’t too bad, while I would have loved a 32″ option, that also would have meant rebuilding the shelves on my desk to fit it in that slot🤣

  8. Yeah man, I think I will be purchasing that this year. I’ve been using two separate 27 inch NEC multi sync displays with the proprietary color calibration puck/software. But since purchasing the M1 Max it doesn’t recognize the calibration software anymore. And seeing as I’m a commercial photographer – calibration is important. Ha. I can’t complain though – I’ve had them for over a decade. Those things were at least $1500 a piece when I bought them plus the calibration software so they were pricey just like – this but worth it for how long they’ve lasted. Agree with you on the VESA mount. I think that is the version I will get. I currently have a separate 24 inch monitor permanently attached to a VESA mount that i use for my tethering set up – but I would like to eventually switch over to using one of these for that as well.

    1. For your setup, buying three of these might be a kick to the wallet, but I think you’ll especially be stoked when shooting tethered. I’ll put out an update if the calibration shifts over time, but man right out of the box it was almost perfectly nailed!

  9. Great vid, as always. Thanks. And: True, true, TRUE: The VESA option is the best… except for the feeling that one pays the same price for a monitor with less (stand) … stupid, I know 🙂

    1. You’re totally right! I think maybe that’s my biggest frustration with this thing, the non-user replaceable stand. I would now pay extra to swap this for the VESA mount, but don’t even have that option. You would think that Apple would appreciate a little third party market for stands that fit the Studio Display🤷‍♂

    1. Not too shabby back there! Would love to see a 32″ version of this display, but that might mean rebuilding those shelves to fit it in there😬

    2. @David Manning lol that would be a lot of work 😂 but that would be a great display

  10. You didn’t need the 5k. A 4k 27in is still plenty dense and you could have gotten a way nicer panel for less.
    As for car parts 99% of the parts aren’t made in house so just figure out the OEM and order those it will be the same as a factory part without the cost

  11. And it has a built-in True Tone sensor. Which monitor has that. It’s just insane!

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