At last… the Sony a6700

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Sony has finally announced a top tier APS-C format electronic camera with the . With all the most recent AI autofocus technology, 10-bit video and pretty much every function we've been requesting for – is this the APS-C to rule them all?

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At last… the

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  1. One thing I’ve never seen people mention, is that probably the biggest drawback to APS-C is the fact that it amplifies / zooms in on lens imperfections like chromatic abberations, it is a lot more visible on crop sensors. Bought an old Nikon 180mm 2.8 ED, and first tried it out on an old Nikon D90, while waiting for the adaptor for my Lumix S5, I thought it was rather low quality, lots of CA, on the full frame sensor it’s not even visible.

  2. There need to be a “Tesla” of camera companies, someone who thinks out the box, all these cameras looks like iterations of film cameras from 30 years ago. Think Steve Jobs would do a modern camera with a 3″ screen, full of buttons and insanely complicated menus? Makes little sense.

    1. I think there has been pretty good advancements as far as action type cameras (insta 360 go 3 unlocks some interesting possibilities) and video standards goes. Software can definitely get better, agreed. The buttons thing is interesting. I definitely think that the act of taking photos should be as tactile as possible; BUT maybe that doesn’t have to be a compromise.

      IMO I think the software piece is the lowest hanging fruit. I’d love to see another shot at apps, as well.

  3. I own both the a6400 and the Fujifilm XT5. Fujifilm provides more features and better LCD/EVF. I think that this a6000 lineup is more for photographers than videographers and they should really pay attention to the details like making a better EVF. It’s a good upgrade from the a6400 but from a photographer’s perspective not a huge upgrade. The good video features and AI autofocus is more for professional work than the majority of the users who will buy the a6700. The best hybrid camera now is the Fujifilm XS10. I wouldn’t upgrade if I had a Sony APSC (a6400/a6600). I would upgrade to the Sony alpha full-frame cameras. That’s a more obvious upgrade in terms of image quality for stills.

  4. You didn’t mention that they did improve the cup on the EVF. As someone who doesn’t chase cameras and tends to keep mine for many years, the EVF is fine. I’ve taken my best photos with lower res EVFs. Yet being able to shoot better in bright light without having to use your hand to cup block the sun is an improvement.

  5. Can you review the Xperia 1V? I really want to see your thoughts about it.

  6. i am hype for this, idc about the small viewfinder hahah, i have small eyes 😂

  7. Using professionally some Hasselblads (H6D_400 and X2D), but for the other moments I love the Leica Q2 for it’s lightweight, compact form and especially the outstanding lens performance… but it’s ‘only’ a wide angle. Looking at this a6700 with this lens, I was wondering how is lens performing. Could you please share your thoughts about it. Thanks

  8. So it’s not for sports/wildlife, studio or really long form video, it’s a bit expensive as a general family camera, is it for vlogging?

  9. I have the Sony A74 which I like. But I am wondering if the A6700 has the same or similar menu system to the A74?

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