Being a Professional Photographer Doesn’t Matter

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Toni Skokovic – To San Diego and Back: A Winter Travelog

Mikael Svensson – Migge 2022

Alessio Martinelli – The Method of the Farmer

John Gitsham – ambient

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Being a Professional Photographer Doesn't Matter

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  1. The airport work is marvelous. But making photos at an airport, and not getting into trouble doesn’t match for me unfortunately :’) I practically shudder to hold a camera in government associated areas. 😅

    1. The airport, assuming large ones, are one of the easier places to photograph without fear. Today as you read this try and estimate how many are shooting images in airports with their phones.

  2. Beautiful sentiment Ted…”it’s not about labels, it’s about making images that matter to you” ❤

  3. I have believed for some time that a serious active amateur photographer is more rounded and better at a number of genres versus the pro. The amateur has the time and freedom to assign themselves any project no matter how diversified from past self assignments. The pro has more limitations.

  4. I graduated with fine arts, with minor in photography. While in school, id study web developer on my own time… when I graduated, I did 28 weddings my first year and quit right after, it just wasn’t for me even though I had early success. I changed careers and been web developing for 20 years. Business side ruined my passion for photography. Now I just do what I like when I have the time. I don’t plan to publish anything. Its just something for me.

  5. Thank you, Ted. This was really inspiring content. I think I will do my first zine, though no doubt it will suck. Luv your AOP videos. Definitely a must-watch with every release.

  6. When you hold things into the camera, it is just slightly shaky from time to time. Maybe use slow motion for these shots?

  7. What makes you a professional photographer? It seems that you can buy a nice kit, print out business cards, and done. Now I am a professional photographer. Interesting!!!

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