BEST QUICK RELEASE Camera Rig – Falcam F22/SmallRig

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Quick Release Package:.
– Atomos Shinobi 7" Display:.
– Atomos HDMI cable:.
– Kondor Blue Dummy battery:.
– F38 Plate:.
– F38 Tripod:.
– F50 Quick Release:.
Base Plate:.
6" Rods:.
– Nitze Mini V-Mount:.
– ZGCINE V99 Battery:.
– ZGCINE V50 Battery:.
– PolarPro Base Camp:.
– iFootage Tripod:.


My Video Camera: Sony a7SIII -.
My Image Electronic camera: Sony a7IV -.
Finest Travel Tripod:.

PolarPro Apex Base -.
Joby Ballhead -.
Main lens: 16-35mm -.
All around lens: 24-70mm -.
Long lens: 70-200mm -.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
Pocket electronic camera: Sony ZV-1 -.
Backpack Clip:.
The leather electronic camera strap:.
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GoPro Hero 11 -.
My GoPro accessories -.
Insta360 ONE X2 -.
Insta360 ONE R -.
PolarPro Apex Base -.
Joby Ballhead -.
BEST Travel tripod -.
My studio light -.
Studio soft box -.

PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.

00:00 – Introduction.
01:49 – The F22 Quick Release Cage System.
03:55 – F22 .
04:25 – F22 Side Manages.
05:48 – F22 Display Mount/Atomos Shinobi 7.
09:12 – Sponsor Squarespace.
10:18 – Powering from V-Mount Battery.
11:29 – ZGCine V-Mount Batteries.
13:25 – PolarPro BaseCamp Matte Box.

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    1. Thanks Craig! Hopefully getting more people into the quick release world!

  1. Great job on the video David! Thanks for making it. I find that typically if I need functionality beyond what I can attach directly to my camera, then I’m usually also setting it on a tripod. So what I realized was that I needed to do was add that functionality to the tripod and not the camera. I use a pair of Manfrotto tripods, so I ordered a bunch of Sioti RC2 Quick release plate adapters to slap on my little travel tripods, cut off a 2″x12″ piece of 1/8″(ish) thick aluminum, drilled and tapped A LOT of 1/4″ holes on it, and then sandwiched it in between a RC2 plate and adapter. Now I have a sturdy little plate into which I can screw just about anything and that can live in between my tripod and camera body. The plate is quick-detach on top and bottom, so I can either take the whole rig off easily, or just remove the camera.

    Congrats on the new baby girl!

  2. Nice to see you back, David – thanks for the video! Is the bottom plate permanently attached to the cage, with the 1/4-20 bolt passing through the plate to secure the camera? To remove the Small Rig cage, one must first remove the Falcam plate to get to a second bolt to remove the camera from the cage. It would be great to avoid the extra step. Good luck in the Baby Bubble!

    1. You’re exactly right Stephen, the F38/F22 plate is part of the cage. So no need to ever remove it to remove the camera. I’ve really liked my SmallRig cages that I’ve had, but quick release is for sure the thing that will make me switch systems!

    2. Thanks for your reply! I am full-on Falcam 38, due to your previous videos. I love the system

  3. Randomly found the F22 plates for my phone rig and love it. I need to get a few F38s plates to build out my camera rig. Loving Falcam

  4. ” Quick release makes everything better ” that’s not what she said.

  5. David and Morgan, congrats on the birth of your third daughter! I am hobbyist photographer, so no need for this type of rig. But I am sure your professional subscribers find this video useful.

    1. Thanks Cesar! For sure different rig setups for different audiences. What camera are you currently shooting on?

    2. @David Manning I mainly shoot while I am traveling, family events and chasing the grandkids. I currently us the Nikon z50 with its kit lenses (great travel camera).

    1. Thanks Leah! Love hearing that! For sure the ease of building and breaking down this rig is the best part

  6. Thanks David… So super useful… Who doesn’t like ways to make it easier… You are such a gadget man…. Congrats….Blessed are you among women! Happy for you and Morgan et al! If only there were a quick release diaper rig… 😊

    1. Quick release diapers would be AMAZING!!! We’re trying to convince our almost two year old to ditch the diapers so we can reduce our diaper load around here🤣

  7. I have a ton of Falcam stuff. My only issue is for actual camera to baseplate connections. If your cameras are on the heavy side… the Falcam stuff is not really stout enough. For all the stuff that connects to a cage, yes. Perfect.

    1. Checkout the F38 and F50 quick release systems from them. They can handle the biggest of rigs!

  8. David excellent video and the equipment is awesome. I suspect that my Canon R7 should not be an issue? Congratulations on you’re new daughter.

  9. Magnificent set up. Great video. Congratulations David and family on the new addition.

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