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David Stanhill – The Friends of Rabbi Shimon

Alexandre Morelli – Balnéothérapie

Peter Kennedy – Quoth The Raven Nevermore Tee Shirts

Gary Browne – Be Open to the Joy You Deserve

Gregor Radonjič – MISPLACEMENTS

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Big Photo Zines!

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  1. At 4:06 on your video, your hand on the right of the newspaper zine continues the photo from the persons arm😀 Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Alexandre Morelli’s newspaper work is fantastic! Great work, and thank’s for sharing it here.

  3. Dear Ted, huge thanks for showing interest in my work and for presentation of Misplacements photobook. Best, Gregor

  4. Where and how one can print like the newspaper featured in this video? Is it blurb is it any other popular service?!

  5. Just love all these: beautiful and each quietly subversive, as all good art should be.

  6. Wonderful work from Alexandre Morelli! It’s printed on our digital broadsheets 🙂 Great to hear you’re a fan of newsprint zines, Ted! If any photographers are looking to make something similar, we have free sample packs on our website.

  7. I loved all these zines, but especially the newspaper zine and the LoFi look it gives to photos. It has inspired me to try this technique with some of my photos, too. Keep up the good work, Ted. I’m looking forward to your zine workshop.

  8. The dude at 9:24 with the sandals and fur coat is an artist in Glasgow By the name of Frank Robertson. Does a lot of abstract work and is an all round decent guy.

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