Blue Hour Photography from BORING to FANTASTIC using Lightroom new features 2023

Complete workflow in Lighroom 2023 to retouch a
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In this video, I will wake thru the 5 actions to make this pictures come life:

1. Get the best exposure
2. Discover the ideal white balance
3. Let's refine colors with Color, Saturation and Luminance
4. Lets us the brand-new AI masking features in Lightroom 2023 to evade and burn the picture
5. Let's hone the image and utilize the new features in Photoshop beta to eliminate a bothersome crane


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Blue Hour from BORING to FANTASTIC using Lightroom new features 2023

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  1. Have used your basic editing techniques for years now and to be honest get a bit overwhelmed trying to integrate all the new stuff in Lightroom etc. Photoshop BETA crash my iMac so haven’t used that yet. I like the way you see an image whilst on a location then edit to show whole process. Thank you Serge.

  2. an excellent tutorial, as always. Thank you Serge for your fantastic job, you help me a lot to learn Lightroom and Photoshop

  3. Great energy and dramatic photo as always! I recognize a lot of Paris landmarks in that photo, amazing view!

  4. I’d take the original. The end result is so processed it looks like a painting IMHO. Nice technique though 🙂

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