Can a Phone make Big Fine Art Photography Prints? s22 Ultra Samsung 108 Million pixel!

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Can a Phone make Big Fine Art Prints? s22 Ultra 108 Million pixel!

I am an iPhone type of man however I got my hands on the new s22 Ultra and in there is no contrast. This phone is an extraordinary tool for any professional photographer, you can make big fine art from it. With 108 Million Pixel! This is incredible, check it out on your own!

00:00 intro
00:15 Taking photos with the
00:38 Shooting
01:57 Retouching with Black and White presets
02:16 Printed outcome
02:48 leave a remark to win an art book of Paris
03:00 Retouch your pictures with Black and White Presets


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Can a Phone make Big Fine Art Photography Prints? s22 Ultra Samsung 108 Million pixel!

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  1. WoW that’s fantastic . Love it.
    I would love to get your Paris book.
    Your vidéos are always so interesting and helpful. You are just awesome

  2. Absolutely amazing. Love the details and the drama captured in the scene. Amazing what these smartphones can do.

  3. I love the info in this video and your work. Thank you for doing this. Great job!!

  4. Looks great but I’d love to see colour as that would really reveal any ‘noise’!

  5. Serge always interesting videos. Thank you very much for all the things you share with us.

  6. Phone cameras can give amazing results these days & will only get better, thanks for showing what great photos can be taken. Capri looks like a beautiful place. I tend to pack a Lumix GM5 when travelling but end up taking most photos/video on my phone, somebody should tell me to leave my Lumix camera at home, my backpack is always too heavy 😁

  7. Very inspiring! I’ll have to stick with my s21 for now. Love your presets.

  8. The days with a little bit of care you can take amazing photos! The best part is that you always have a camera in your pocket.

  9. Your pictures are amazing, Serge. It’s impressive, what quality is possible with a smartphone nowadays.

  10. Hello. I have a Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra and it is incredible for photography and video. Great job. Getting your book would be fantastic. Congratulations from Spain and thank´s for sharing.

  11. Je suis vraiment impressionné du résultat. Je doutais pas de la qualité mais moi je n’arrive pas à faire ressortir les mêmes émotions qu’avec mon reflex.

  12. Cannot believe the detail the phone captured at such a large size! Love your work and your videos. Thank you!

  13. Great photos and presets. I need to learn how to download and get to work. Thanks Serge!

  14. Looks amazing in Capri! The phone takes nice photos although your presets helped a lot!

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