Can the Leica Q3 take sharp photo by hand at night??

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In this video I'm reviewing the brand name new Leica Q3, shooting from golden hour all the way to the night.

Wait until completion to see if the files are sharp

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Can the Leica Q3 take sharp photo by hand at night??

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  1. Ok,,, so nice camera and lens. However at f/1.7 you have no sharpness due to the depth of field with that aperture . Explain….

  2. We must be paying you too much. (Joking- it’s a gorgeous camera and you deserve it)

  3. Besides the summilux name the lenses are very different. For one, the real summilux is 1.4 not 1.7… and the Q 28mm is actually more like a 25-26mm

  4. Bonsoir Serge, merci de nous faire une review du compact le plus cher du monde mais pourrais-tu pas exemple faire la même review avec un appareil plus accessible pour le commun des mortels tel le Ricoh GR III par exemple ? Merci par avance.

  5. Love seeing all the sights of Paris, brings back great memories! That camera sounds incredible!

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