Can you photograph dreams?

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When I select boxes to open for mail videos, I actually have no system. I grab 4 boxes and open them. Once in a while they occur to interestingly fall under a style. Today there are a number of books that handle "dreams". Some truly excellent work today – make certain to examine them out and support the neighborhood here:

Norman McCloskey – Kingdom
Matt Horseman – Two Rivers
Cliff Cooper – In a Lucid Dream
Christoffer Ferreira – To The Mayon Volcano and Beyond

0:00 My apology to Norman
1:20 Norman McCloskey – Kingdom
5:17 Matt Horseman – 2 Rivers
8:55 Squarespace
10:27 Cliff Cooper – In a Lucid Dream
12:41 Christoffer Ferreira – To The Mayon Volcano and Beyond

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Can you photograph dreams?

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  1. Looking for the seam , the thread , the tie , inquisitive minds want to know .

  2. Samantha Cavet would also be a great example of this. makes her photographs become almost paintings.

  3. Norman’s work was very impressive. It raised the “Hiraeth” in me by reminding me so much of my native Wales and the landscapes I left behind.
    Thank’s Norman and thanks Ted!

  4. A lot of lessons here if I ever do get around to making a second book!

  5. Thank you Ted for this video. I am inspired beyond words. I watch all your videos but these book reviews are like no other on the net. Every book you feature has such a unique angle. Norman’s book is so inspirational. I am not Irish but have always had a love for the Emerald Isles. In fact, it is on top of my bucket list of places to visit in Europe.Β 
    I am working on a portfolio presentation book myself. I will be sure to print an extra copy for you to see and hopefully critique. Thanks.


  7. Norman’s book of photos look more like a book of paintings! Beautiful

  8. Whatever the subject, you are the happy Virgil for our journey into photography. Subject selection, concept, processing, editing, presentation. I’ve learned you can be trusted to lead with gentle authority and a strong sense of excellence. This video is amazing: solid analysis of an ephemeral subject.

  9. Love the look of the Kingdom book and love the west coast of Ireland too 😎

  10. Aw man, thanks so much for that really great review of KINGDOM, alongside even more great books , Matt’s book in particular is stunning. There’s a freshly poured pint of the best Guinness around waiting for you in Kerry !! Also thanks.. to your viewers who’ve since placed an order !!

    1. Thank YOU Norman!!! The book is gorgeous. I’ll be there to enjoy that Guinness with you soon!

  11. Loved the explanation you gave about Norman’s sequencing , what a beautiful book, alot to learn from your explanations and with Matt’s book as well

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