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  1. I would imagine it would be perfect for slapping it onto a quad or hex copter for aerial photography or video.

  2. lol at the no lens and sensor SLAP lol Looks like the Z30 (and even the Z50) has the upper hand on this one 🙃

    1. Z30 ZV-E10 are going for no EVF. R100 R50 has it, and IMHO Canon AF is still better than Z APS-C cameras….

    2. @Σ ε γ σ you’re splitting hairs with the AF performance between the two. The Z platform has very serviceable autofocus. You’re not going to shoot videos wide open on your lens regardless. even with Sony’s AF shooting wide open is asking for trouble

    1. Well, its super compact now which is great. A flip screen would add complexity and weight.

    2. @daorkykid by not much at all. and it is very very inconvinent for sure. that is the massive deal breaker.

    3. @daorkykid i have Sony’s from 2013 that has flip/selfie screen so that’s simply not true. They just had alot of M50 sensors laying around and made an old camera in the new mount. And that crop on 4k is abismal. A 16mm lens will become 46mm. So you have to buy an expensive adapter, why not buy the R50 in the first place ? Hungry grabbing money companies

    4. @evo271 If that’s the case, then this model is a definite pass for me. I like the idea of having a “keep it simple, stupid” RF-camera. The dream would be to have a lightweight and small full-frame camera without a viewfinder or flippy screen. This would provide ultimate portability at a low cost, while enabling high image quality from the sensor.

  3. My anxiety when he nearly dropped it and touched sensor with bare hands: 📈📈

  4. but no flip screen is just so dumb……. they doing fine on the top end, but entry level stuff, big no no.

  5. Interesting, goes really well with the pancake lens. Now, about 30+Mox IBIS small FF body. Till that moment, no deal, Canon!

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