Canon EOS R6 Mark II – A Better Hybrid

The EOS R6 had mass appeal, but what has the R6 Mark II got to make it enormously more enticing?

Pre-order Canon EOS R6 Mark II

Canon EOS C70

Røde Wireless GO Wireless Mic.
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic.
[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.

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Lovely Day.
Dr. Pleasure.

King Bolete.
Isaac Joel.

The Sinmaster.
Sam Barsh.

Sam Barsh.

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  1. Haven’t watched the whole video yet, but a 4K60p crop comparison to the first R6 would be awesome!

    1. @kifley19 Who cares? IPB and ALL I is exactly the same visually (I and many others have done test zoomed at 500% even on water and there is 0 diff). They are both hard to edit on old computers and both are equally easy to edit on new M1/M2 macs. Keep in mind also that 99.999% of videos end up on Youtube, in 8 bit high compression. IPB is about 10x more data than your final output for Youtube (but again there is no difference). People really get sucked in to marketing.

  2. That stills/video knob though! Plus that subject detect AF! Amazing Hybrid from Canon wow

  3. too bad there isn’t any competition in the RF lenses.. makes canon mirrorless a lot less appealing

    1. Also makes a great camera like the R7 pointless because Canon has shown no interest in APS-C format fast primes. Either buy the way more bulky and expensive than necessary full frame lens or gtfo.

    2. The samyang 85mm f 1.4 is an amazing lens and works fine with the RF Mount. I realize they may have stopped making it but I think if you can find one second hand. I am super picky and it’s a very sharp nice portrait lens.

    3. Well, except for every single EF lens in existence, both by Canon and third party.

  4. still suck to don’t get clog2 and other codec option tho but a decent upgrade.

  5. 3:46 I like how they are causally letting the sensor wild open and I have a nervousness inside me that some dust will go in.

    1. Same, I have minor panic attacks just changing lenses even though on my R5 there’s a curtain that comes down and protects the sensor when turned off. But these reviewers are so cavalier with demo cameras it sends shivers up my spine. Here’s to clean sensors and less time in photoshop!

  6. I want to switch system when looking to Canon AF algorithms 😛 But I have a one favorite viltrox lens and one cheap tamron zoom which are not available for this system. Rest of lenses are expensive, so… awaiting for Z6 III gen or Sony A7V without R 🙂 I already have lenses for both, so I’ll probably stick with one of these systems forvever…

  7. Any word if any of the 1080p modes are oversampled? 1080p quality has been getting badly ignored by everybody lately. Storage is expensive, let’s see some optimized 1080p as an option too!

    1. Took me almost a whole minute of typing the camera model name in Google and clicking the first link, but I’m proud I’ve made it: “However, full HD footage is not oversampled, so there’s some loss in quality.”

  8. Looks like I sold my Canon R6 just in time. What canon desperately needs are high quality, affordable and light(er) weight lenses for the majority of shooters. I waited very long for canon to come up with good, semi-affordable mirrorless camera’s just to end up with heavier, larger and crazy more expensive lenses. I’m fed up with 1000 shots per second which I have to wade through in LR/C1 and autofocus features which reduce me to a monkey pressing a button. Sure, if you’re a pro (wedding/event) shooter I suppose it’s handy but for a prosumer like me it’s pretty much useless. I switched to sony because I just couldn’t justify the rf 50mm f/1.2 and rf 100-500mm to my back and wallet. With the Tamron 35-150 and some cheap primes I got so much more bang for my buck and grams it’s almost funny. Except for the fact I used canon for more than 25 years and I hate the sony body, cheapy buttons, weird ergonomics, menu system and the machinegun shutter sound.

    I think am getting too old and weak for the current canon strategy. (End rant)

    1. That’s why I left Canon. Felt like they are just playing games if you don’t have a massive budget. I went to Nikon, happy with it.

    2. Im a wedding/event shooter and the mistake you made was thinking you needed to commit to the RF lens, Ive been adapting old EF lens’ since the original R. Quality is exactly the same & i have the control ring adapter which is SUPER handy and now when i swap EF lens that control ring is in the same spot every time and not different spots for different lens.

  9. The real question for us Canon video & hybrid users: Do the Custom modes finally work for video? 4k 24, 4k60 & 1080@180 at the flip of the C1, C2, C3 switch?!?!?

    1. @Wolvenwood Studio yes, and you can set a separate custom mode for video and photo.

  10. This video displays how terrible focus breathing is on the 28-70. If the compensation comes to the other camera’s and works on the 28-70, I’d definitely add it to my kit.

  11. The size of these lenses, wow. Kinda off destroyed the reason mirrorless cameras was created :/

  12. 6:05 – Actually, Canons have been having False Colour since 2008 in *5D Mark II* with *Magic Lantern* 😀 Although, cameras since Digic 6 (app. 2016, and any ML updates stopped in 2018) processor and newer are no longer supported…

  13. Does anybody else think the design of the video/photo dial on top looks cheap? Why not make it smooth and shiny metal like the other dials?

  14. The size of the RF lenses honestly makes me believe there is still life in the MFT system. Good lord.

  15. Excellent video 📹
    Excellent camera
    Face detect seems to have A.I.
    Changing trend : live view is more important than eye 👁 view

  16. I would have gone for this camera but for the lack of lenses available now due to Canon’s decision. I’ll get rid of my current one and go for Sony.

  17. My fullframe lenses for EF mount were waiting for this camera
    Yes I’ll go for meike ‘drop-in-filter’ adapter

  18. Everyone testing R6 in San Diego
    Kai: my own world
    Canon: we don’t know how that happened

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