Canon R7 & R10 :: HANDS ON First Impressions!

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Introduction – Canon APS-C mirrorless: 0:00
Canon EOS R7 Specifications: 0:54
Canon EOS R10 Specs: 2:16
Image Samples: 3:17
Autofocus Tracking and Performance in the R7 and R10: 3:55
Burst Rate Speeds and Shooting 5:21
Canon R7 and R10 Lightroom Presets 6:30
Canon R7 vs R10 for Video 7:38
Image Stabilization 8:42
Vlog tests – Manny Ortiz 9:22
Jared Polin 9:38
Jordan Drake from DP Review 10:28
Canon R7 Video is actually excellent HDMI 11:16
Is Canon EOS M Mount Discontinued? 11:57
Is APS-C Dead? 13:01
Questions for the complete reviews15:07.

Today Canon has announced the first APS-C products for the RF mount. We've got the new R7 and R10 bodies in addition to 2 RF-S lenses – the 18-45mm and 18-150mm zooms.

The emphasize here is plainly the bodies. The R10 is an entry level mirrorless body, and the R7 is an advanced body featuring a higher burst rate, 10-bit C-Log 3 video, in-body image stabilization and a few more features.

These electronic cameras are going to be incredibly popular for Canon. They out-spec competing designs such as the Sony a6600, the Nikon Z50 and even the autofocus out-performs the Fujifilm X-series video cameras like the X-T3 and X-T4.

Canon has added some serious competition note only in functions, but likewise with the rate point.

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Canon R7 & R10 :: HANDS ON First Impressions!

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  1. Great overview as always. I definitely think that having a shared mount is important…. I use a full frame Sony system and my wife much prefers the size of APS-C. It’s nice to be able to share lenses between the systems…. especially the primes and long zooms. For the most part it comes down to “how big a camera do I want to carry around with me”. I will say that I am surprised with the performance of that R7…. looks like a very compelling option (but obviously a bit bigger than the Sony APS-C). Shame the lenses start at 18mm though…. 29mm equivalent FF really is quite a compromise. I am honestly surprised that they effectively released a compelling vlogging camera without a wide angle option that would work with it. They should have released a ~15mm F2 prime…. that would be SWEET.

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    2. There is the EF-S 10-18 F/4.5-5.6. Since I have the EF/RF adapter already, I pre-ordered the R7 and will buy that lens. It’s stabilized so it should work well for vlogging.

  2. A brilliant run down of these new camera’s! Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Due to R7 and R10 being a crop factor, Can you shed some light on the RF Speed booster (and using EF lenses) that was originally deigned for the C70?
    Would this work on the R7 and R10
    Would be a epic combination to be honest if it does work

    1. Thanks for watching and commenting…
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    2. I can’t speak for the Canon, but I would expect the Metabones and Viltrox variants will work quite nicely (as they do on the R5)

  4. Great video. If I was going for an APS-C mirrorless camera, I would definitely switch back to Canon. The R7 initial specs remind me of the 7D II for usage for shooting birds. Thanks for all the info.

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  5. Thanks for the review Ted. Lovely design and its nice to see come competition in the APS-C space. The Xt3/xt4 is great, but its my hope that these new canons will some pressure on Fuji to up their AutoFocus game.

    1. Thanks for watching and commenting…
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  6. Now when Canon stepped into the APS-C game with quite good options with the R-system. I hope there will come a Nikon Z70 or a Z90 DX model with AF like the Z9 and maybe now it is time to make a better build than the Z6/Z7 variants … Also time for a Z50 II.

    I had a R7 in my hands last week and really liked the way it is. It is a promising camera for wildlife and other. So please Nikon a decent DX camera for the Z-system is a must … we loved the D500!!!

  7. Thanks for the info. One minor point: The R10 is a 10-bit camera in video. The HDR PQ mode is 10-bit 422.

  8. I’m a M5 user and have no interest on R apsc body. I love M system. I think advantage for apsc is small body, small lenses and affordable system. If I would compromise those advantages I would go into full frame and it won’t be canon.
    Thanks for video.

    1. @Mike Beon I didn’t say I’ll change mine right away, did I? But, technology is improving; eye auto focus is inrceadibly usefull in my opinion, as with ibis, or sealed bodies. Lenses getting better and better, and I will want to use them eventually.

    2. @aerena yo relax! I didn’t say that you did. I am speaking for myself. I was agreeing with you.

  9. Thanks for this preview as always. You mentioned the Fujifilm XT4. I was considering picking one of those up for sports hybrid shooting. Now I am thinking the R7. I already have a few canon EF mount lenses that can be adapted to either camera. I sense either would be a great upgrade to my 5D4. Agree?

  10. There is no free lunch. You get more depth of field with the same intensity but as the sensor is smaller the total amount of light is less. In practice this shows so that you cannot raise the ISO as much.

  11. I wish itd just been like $300-500 more for stacked sensor and back lit. I’d trade that for better electronic and lowlight capabilities

  12. Please Compare EOS RP VS R10 image & vedio Quality. Full Frame vs APS-C Sencer ..with Sample vedios..🙏Love form india❤️

  13. I would also add from a video standpoint that APSC is closer to traditional cinema cameras from a sensor size standpoint, and that means lens aberrations and and depth of field will more accurately match that of more traditional theatrical movies. While one can decrease their aperture size with a full frame sensor to mimic much of the look some of the lens characteristics mentioned, most notably aberrations, will also change slightly. Also traditional cinema lenses will not cover a full frame sensor, so one would have to crop the sensor just to use them in the first place. Just things one should consider when figure out what they are using a camera for.

  14. Can I save a burst (it doesn’t have to be 30 fps) with the electronic shutter and access all the raw files of the burst without effort? I would like to use them for multi frame noise reduction and for simulating a long exposure. Can I use the normal continuous shooting mode with the electronic shutter?

  15. I must thank you a lot for this video of difference where some the maestros on youtube channels I regularly watch have their faces showed in this unique one!! I’m pretty impressed with the new canon’s R7 APSC line up with a huge price advantage!! But I was expecting to hear about heat management of R7 & R10 which is big issue for canon’s full frame mirrorless cameras when it come to videos!! Does Canon come up with thermal Issues eradicated in the cameras like the Sony APSC cameras?!! Please do not forget to remember my gratitude to Jarred Pollin and Jordan, they are prolific!!

  16. Well you have a comparison video from like the Canon r&rp because it seems like for that price you might as well just go full frame. What are your thoughts on this?

  17. Canon has such a confusing line up with now two kinds of apsc cameras (with two lens line ups?) Their naming conventions make it even worse. I am super confused

  18. The R10 shoots 10 bit 422 in HDR PQ. Yes, it’s not LOG, but still quite serviceable if you want 10 bit. Personally, I prefer to set up a prolost flat profile and just shoot 8 bit h.264, which is totally fine for a large number of videos. Canon Log is nice, but not totally necessary.

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