Canon Red Line Challenge – Why You Need an Ultra Wide Zoom Lens

Sponsored by Canon Red Line Obstacle – participate in an image competition to win a Canon EOS R5 with 24-105mm f/4L lens! Click the link to participate:

Please submit your entries in before midnight 16th September 2023. The competitors is open to non-professional professional photographers in Europe, Middle East and Africa; you can send one photo taken with anything but no Photoshopping or AI – all impacts in-camera just.

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Canon Red Line Challenge – Why You Need an Ultra Wide Zoom Lens

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  1. I shoot Olympus Microfourthirds and I am with you on this. The wider the better. Sadly the widest I’ve shot it 12mm which captures images closer to 24mm field of view in the 35mm world. I one day want the Olympus 8-25mm lens. Essentially a 16-50mm lens. Would be great.

  2. I accidentally cornered myself by only taking a 50mm prime to the west side of Japan – big mistake! Ultra wide to wide was needed so often and I couldn’t do a lot of photos

  3. Great job, Kai! I actually just bought this lens (RF 14-35) and F4 is plenty for outdoor shots. I’ll be using mine for landscapes

  4. Currently trying to save up for a R6ii or R5 so this competition definitely interests me!

  5. Man, that vignetting of that 14-35 F4 at 14mm is pretty atrocious. Sure, it’s “corrected” for still photos but it sure does show during video. Software correction is the new norm but, really, Canon has relied on software far too much for some of their zoom lenses.

  6. Kaiman, thanks mammothly much for these incisive insights! Cheers, chap! 🇺🇸💛🇬🇧

  7. People made fun of me for buying a 8-15mm … they all ended up borrowing it.

  8. I have the Canon 11-24 f4 widest rectilinear.
    Super fun lens; carry it with me everywhere. Interesting shots (architectural interiors, exteriors, landscape, evening skies, even portraits).
    I also love the way it looks and feels.
    Beautiful lens.

  9. 24mm needs more love … it is great at a crop camera (fov almost like 35mm at FF) and I prefer it over 28mm on FF as well.

  10. I mainly use 15mm-85mm does the job for me. If i want a wider angle i just swap out to a dedicated wide angle.
    Nice shots mind.

  11. The lens I’m look for is a, 12-240mm f1.4 constant aperture, perfectly sharp throughout the focal range, and super light weight. All for about $99 U.S. I know one day this will exist. 😂😂😂😂

  12. But be very careful with filters while ibis is trying to compensate for your camera movement (=> vigneting) 😉

  13. I can take part in a Canon challenge when they open up the mount :^) otherwise I’ll keep enjoying my 3rd party lenses on other systems.

  14. I agree about the versatility of wide angle for traveling. I use Olympus, I used to carry my 12-40mm (24-80mm in full frame) but since I tried the 8-25mm (16-50mm in full frame) I use the wide zone all the time, it is so versatile when traveling and exploring cities

  15. The 16-35mm gets more time on my camera than others lenses in my travel kit. Looking forward to the updated Sony GM in hopes of it being slightly smaller/lighter and stronger on the 35mm end.

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