Can’t Get a X100 VI – Still Worth Waiting For? Here’s 11 Alternatives!

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00:00 Intro
01:48 Optical Finder
03:05 Compact or Not So Compact?
04:49 Point-and-Shoot or Full Manual
05:30 The $200 X100 VI Alternative
06:38 Autofocus
09:13 One Of The Most Well balanced Features
10:07 Top X100 VI Accessories
12:19 AD: Nisi Filter/Hood Package Item Placement
16:04 Top X100 VI Accessories (cont.).
16:30 Video.
17:50 Alternatives For Video.
19:17 X100 VI – The Very Best?
20:26 Resale Values.
21:30 Sensible Alternatives.
23:02 Optical Finder Alternatives.
24:02 Last Thoughts.

Hangar Management, Khayotique, Parmesan Crust, Quartz Crisis, See For Your Shelf, Tower of Gower – all by Sam Barsh (

Can't Get a X100 VI – Still Worth Waiting For? Here's 11 Alternatives!

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  1. I still use my Fuji X30 … Good luck finding one for 200-309 😮

  2. Nice video Kai, it’ s a pleasure to see the Beautyfull London. Do you realize that at 8:19 you have tken a shot of Joe Bastianich the chef ?📸

    1. Wow! I just checked that out and I’m pretty sure you’re right. Good eye!

  3. Sony ZV1 is actually really good for video – I have it in my backpack and it takes up much less space than apsc. The selfie screen and wind muff make it very practical, too.

    1. 100% agree. I don’t even own one. You’ve got to know the opinions seen here are pure copium. Idk if he’s making this video to convince himself or his wife that their summer holiday fund is gone for a very alright compact from 2019, but this time the high res R version. 😂

      The ZV1 would sort most of the people trying to buy this camera.

  4. Lok, your cardigan and that yellow cup of tea are so lovely together! 🥰

  5. Tbh you can stick any equivelant 35mm lens on any camera with a decent fast aperture and you can have the equivelant of the x100vi for photography. I’ve no interest in a fixed focal range camera but good luck to those who are seeking one out.

    1. I’d pick a Nikon Z30 + 24f1.7 or a Canon M6II + 22f2 for a third of the price personally. Better value, better performance in most categories.

    2. It’s a completely different experience though. You’d have to give it a try. Doesn’t have to be the latest model. I have an X100f that’s pretty much always with me

    3. So many small lenses out there available for most mirrorless cameras. Though I wish Sony would redesign their 50mm f1.8. That thing is light but bulky.

    4. @@matthiasj.3332 I had the original x100 many years ago and found a fixed focal length to be limiting for my preferences.

    5. @@matthiasj.3332 I used to shoot the X70 and I agree on the experience, but after going back to the Ricoh PSAM I don’t miss it. If fun gets you out shooting then that’s all that matters — it’s not better just different, and fresh might be all you need.

      This is surprisingly the only compact that review tube will praise. So I’m all for it if it drives attention back to compacts. Most of the big channels didn’t even give the Nikon Z30 a chance, nor the M6II, nor the a7C. They usually just complain about how their hands are too big. 😂

  6. My alternative is the Sony ZVE10 solid camera for Photography & Video without the heavy price tag.

  7. When you use a soft shutter release and a thumb grip. You hold the camera differently and dont press the shutter with the tip of your finger, but rather where your finger prints are. Or even lower on the flat underside of your finger. The shutter release makes it easier to press it down with minimal pressure like that. Causing less camera shake.

  8. I just got a GR IIIx and it’s incredible. So small and flies under the radar.

    1. Can’t find one In stock. Where did you get yours? I’ve had one before and agree.

    2. @@7743dustin No EVF is a deal breaker for me.

      Mask On Nurse Marty (Ret)

  9. Sony RX100VA. Compact. Fast zoom. Full manual control. Retractable viewfinder. Good AF. Not too expensive. I have this camera with me all the time.

  10. I feel like the X100VI is almost a perfect camera for versatility. I just wish it had a focus scale like the Leica Q so I could manually zone focus.

  11. Revive the Coolpixes ,Powershots and cybershots

    (Imagining them as the 3 pillar men awakening)

  12. A blue filter when Kai did the POV shot of Lok would have been a nice touch.
    Both fellows looking spiffy today!
    Sad truth is that the X100s aren’t pocketable unless you’re wearing a coat.

  13. Sony A7C or even A7III or IV with an appropriate compact prime lens make superb alternatives. Quite frankly the OM-5 is just as good as the Fuji in my opinion and all these are fairly compact with compact primes fitted. All these can be fitted with a massive choice of lenses and the sensors can easily be cleaned, which you can’t do with fixed lens cameras. Then there’s the Lumix LX100 II if you can still find one, which has a fixed short zoom lens while there is the badge engineered but more ‘luxury’ Leica D-Lux 7 with a rumoured updated Leica original D-Lux 8 to come within the next eight weeks.

  14. As with all of your videos, really enjoyed this one. I think it’s good to remember how many alternatives there are 👍

  15. The rounded soft shutter helps spread out the pressure so that you don’t shake your Leica when at a low shutter speed.

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