Capture One on the iPad – Finally here!

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Today Capture One has actually launched it's best-in-class image modifying software application for the iPad. This is a huge leap for capture one as they have actually likewise introduced Cloud Style transfer which will work with Capture One Pro on the desktop to sync your edits. This offers you the versatility to edit on the go and increase the range of your workflow.

Thanks to (CEO, Capture One) for his time in making this video.

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Capture One on the iPad – Finally here!

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  1. Gooooood bye Lightroom Mobile

    Edit: doesn’t work on iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen. Maybe it’s not compatible but available for download

  2. Ooh this is great! I often thought about getting an iPad or Windows tablet for basic work that doesnt require a beefy laptop like some photo editing and writing and drawing for school work, but this does push me more into the direction of a simple iPad

  3. Look forward to a future of tethering to an iPad on set. Also looking forward to the day where I can have the choice to transition my entire photographic workflow to an iPad.
    It’s quite an exciting time overall for software development and its only gonna get more crazy with time.

  4. Awesome advice! Your channel is 10000x more accessible than Fstoppers.

    1. Ted is far too polite to say it, but I’m not: F stoppers is such trash. Their “articles” on Apple News are even worse. Long live Ted!

  5. It’s a nice app of capture one but it’s so basic that there are like 8 better apps as in what you can do. There is no masking and more.

  6. So they have taken the Adobe route to things, buy now and maybe you’ll get what you want in the future. Looks good but really basic, with things like Affinity photo on ipad, this seems too basic.

  7. It’s amazing how you’re able to pass knowledge and information so easily.

  8. Great (p)review, Ted! I think I’ll stick with Raw Power, though, for the cost and convenience of an iCloud-syncing workflow. God, that interface looks great though… 😅

  9. So, paying several hundred dollars for the iMac app wasn’t good enough…now pay another $5 a month to use it on the iPad; hell no!

    1. It’s bullshit. I love Capture One (I’m a Fuji guy) but despise this software renting garbage. Was hoping they didn’t take that route with this, but sadly they did.

  10. Oh wow, we live in such exciting times! Good to hear how mostly everyone that works in Capture One Headquarters is a Photography enthusiast that sure gives them a way clearer image of how to improve and develop new products. Thanks for always sharing the greatest and latest with us in your wonderful channel Ted Forbes!

  11. Using Capture One on M1 Mac daily.. but not impressed with the iPad Pro version. Very limited and cut down. No layers support, no proper sync with Mac, very limited library manager and the list goes on… and it’s even paid on top.

  12. Is it directly connected to an apple photo app to edit? I would use it immediately instead of native one. But Lightroom for professional work because of 1 environment including cloud and sharing option!

  13. Promising, but still way too limited for editing. Also only allow to export to jpg and CO desktop, no DNG, so you can’t continue the editing somewhere else in the iPad (they don’t want you to use LR ) So, CO is great, but on iPad its not ready for prime time…

  14. As a beta tester, I have to say, they should have led with tethering…As a photo editing tool, it’s not worth paying the additional monthly fee above my capture one subscription. It does not fill a place of need at a tool. Tethering is a whole other story, and I would happily pay the additional fee for.

  15. Looks great, a nice alternative to LightRoom CC for a Fuji shooter. Masking is a must though. Hopefully that gets added soon

  16. Do you think it would make sense to use C1 on iPad only, without a ‘backend’ desktop?

  17. This is a great update, I hope they will implement all the tools which exists on desktop to the ios app
    The Capture One team needs to implement support for network-attached storage.
    I want to have all the photos on a server running TrueNas and be able to access and edit my catalogue on any device. Furthermore, Capture One should be capable of working offline by me selecting folder and subfolders that Mac OS, Windows and iOS keeps synced on the local device.

    It should be possible to use once own storage server to sync Capture One between any device. The file structure should be robust enough to once and for all stop using external SSD.

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