Create Jaw-Dropping Panoramas IN SECONDS with Lightroom and Luminar Neo

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In this video, you'll learn how to utilize the Natural Drama Formula to boost your images to perfection. Follow along as we take you through the steps to retouch your images, consisting of direct exposure, white balance, color refinement, dodge and burn, and last touches. We'll also reveal a terrific strategy using to make your picture more incredible. From shooting panoramas to stitching them together in Lightroom, this tutorial has actually got you covered. Do not miss out on this totally free opportunity to take your abilities to the next level.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 How to shoot a Panorama
01:12 Find Out the Natural Drama Formula free of charge
01:23 How to stitch a panorama together in Lightroom
02:37 Step 1 of Natural Drama Formula: Direct Exposure
03:29 Action 2 of Natural Drama Formula: White Balance
04:46 Step 3 of Natural Drama Formula: Color Refinement
05:46 Step 4 of Natural Drama Formula: Dodge and Burn
08:56 Step 5 of Natural Drama Formula: Final Touches
09:44 How to boost your picture in

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Create Jaw-Dropping Panoramas IN SECONDS with Lightroom and Luminar Neo

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  1. Lightroom version for me. I’m not against pushing colours but that was a bit too much on Le left. Great shot anyway

  2. Hello Serge, I have learned alot from your videos over the years. Sinse the pandemic I have not felt very inspired to take pictures. This video gave me a little taste of inspiration, if that makes any sense. I started thinking of where to go to shoot something along these lines. Will this be ina gallery? What gallery are you using? Thank you so much.

  3. Hey Mr RAMELLI ;-). Il n’y a plus de tutos en français ? Bien à vous 😊

  4. I’m with the crowd that prefers the Lightroom photo, but if it helps selling then using Luminar makes a lot of sense.

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