DJI Action 4 vs GoPro Hero12 Black – Which Action Camera Should You Get?

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DJI Action 4 (DJI):.
DJI Action 4:.
GoPro Hero12 Black:.

Sony FX30.

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DJI Action 4 vs GoPro Hero12 Black – Which Action Camera Should You Get?

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  1. overheating issue is due to EU regulation with Action 4, my global Japan version is just as long as what you had with GoPro 12 (I can even go 4K60 without a problem), I find that no one is complaining about it in the dji forum at all. all of the OA4 model that is outside of EU doesnt overheat fast like that

    1. DJI overheats as well?? Dang it, I thought they hadn’t copied that flaw from Gopro, which is what I gathered from people around the internet..

    2. ​@Zyx it does overheat if you use 4K 120fps in the middle of the sunny day no doubt about it

    3. @Better Than a Thousand but that fix haven’t reach these reviewers/influencers at all

  2. Kai, nice comparison but one key benefit of the OA4 is the ability to easily use it with external microphones like the DJI lav mics. Would have been nice to mention that since you have used it in some of the shots.

    1. Yeah but the way the receiver connects is really silly and fragile. Stick the media mod on the GoPro and it’s so much better for external mic connection

  3. Hi Kai. I’m a big fan. I’m planning on upgrading from a hero 10 (over heating issue and poor battery performance). Having a subscription, I can purchase a hero 12 for $299 or switch to OA4 for $399. I have the gopro media mod. What do u think?

  4. Dang. The in car footage looks way. better on the 12. Wasn’t expecting that.

    1. Sony has not made another SteadyShot camera since the FDR-X3000, which was released in 2016 and discontinued in 2019.

      And it is still the champ when it comes to low light cameras in it’s class.

  5. Why can’t either of these companies develop a camera that has 4k60 and 120? I would be willing to pay a little more for it.

  6. Very nicely made video!
    Its clear youve made too much effort into making this one! πŸ’―

  7. The reason the dji was never an option was the lack of gps….now GoPro did this…..

  8. GoPro is screwed, literary ! 😁
    In car shots always look very weird filmed with GoPro, since they tend to steer the image a lot.

  9. Turn the air con on for the windscreen and the Osmo won’t overheat 😊

    1. he’s proving a point πŸ™‚ I’m sure you can also open up the case up put some copper plating in there to spread the heat better to the case

  10. some even say DJI action 4 have no overheat issues and last longer than hero 12, think it depends on the use of the camera then ayy

  11. Great job on the comparison. One feature I’m curious about is the UVC output mode on the DJI and whether it still supports stabilization while in that mode. Could be great for IRL streaming with an external encoder. I don’t think the GoPro offers UVC as all.

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