DJI Mavic 3 Pro – Three Cameras on One Drone!

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" Sunshine" by @JoakimKarud
" paradise" by @CluelessKit
" Chill" by Joakim Karud
" Sketch" by @Dyalla
" sombre, green" by @birocratic_ ()

DJI Mavic 3 Pro – Three Cameras on One Drone!

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  1. This man should receive a Guinness world record for the fastest time to own a MAVIC 3 PRO.

  2. I could pull more tail than a mean kid in a petting zoo if I had your voice.

  3. Dude….your sense of humor is priceless…and, your sidekick is sort of like Guillmero on Jimmy Kimmel. If the two of you were keynotes at a photo convention, PEOPLE WOULD COME! Sort of like Noah’s Ark. 😂

  4. Drone looks lovely… but I mostly love the fact I started watching you in the Hong Kong days, now you’re filming next to my house. I’ll make you a cuppa next time you’re here…

  5. You guys have original Top Gear energy. Full of information, but mostly entertaining.

  6. I’ve never had (or even seen for myself) a drone, so this is exactly the video I needed. I can’t say as I really have a use case except admittedly it would keep me from having to pay for stock footage drone shots. I think I have to start with something cheaper that won’t make me cry if I crash it or lose it in the ocean here.

  7. 13:18 it looks like was the method to start the engine without pushing the car. So basically he was freely rolling and then tried to ignite it.

  8. The problem with drones nowadays is that there are very few places where you can take off.

  9. Of course, one big issue with it is that now weighs 960 g or around that which means it is no longer a C1 class Drone well we don’t have the C class two yet but a C2 which means you have to have the A2 CofC to fly it Because it is outside the A1 class whereas the Mavic three was less than 900 g, giving it to see one label

  10. Quite funky knowing Kai and Loc were down near Box Hill in Surrey near me! It’s been a long time since I saw the stepping stones submerged in river water like that. Normally they’re above the water’s surface.

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