DJI Mic 2 vs RODE Wireless Pro – BEST WIRELESS SYSTEM OF 2024?

Breaking down the brand name new 2 system vs the head to head contrast.
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00:00 – Intro.
01:24 – Transmitters Compared.
05:55 – Receivers Compared.
08:46 – Charging Cases Compared.
15:12 – Range Test.
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vs RODE Wireless Pro – BEST WIRELESS SYSTEM OF 2024?

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  1. I think I’ve officially made the switch back to the DJI system! Let me know your choice though and what you factored in!

  2. Already bought my dual kit. I love my DJI Mic 2 with my Pocket 3. Have been waiting on them to sell the mics separately. So i bought a whole dual set to keep with my Pocket 3 and then take my other Mic 2 and keep that bluetoothed to my Ace Pro.

  3. I literally just got the rode wireless pro in the mail yesterday… should I return it? It did sound like the rode sounded a lot better, but noise cancellation seems very helpful. how strongly would you consider returning the rode wireless pro?

  4. apparently, the osmo 4 as 32bit float recording when connected on the mic 2. saw the option in the menu, in an other video, worth trying 😉 and nice to see you’re still wearing the @shimoda backpack ❤😅

  5. Such a miss with not being able to store the dead cats inside the case. I have Gen 1 and that’s my biggest issue. I always have to take the bag with me. If they could have fit both the cats and cable would have been perfect.

    1. That was a major bonus for me with the Rode Wireless Pro system! Bummed to see that the new DJI mics don’t have that ability because I like their overall form factor and ease of use so dang much!

  6. Great detailed comparison! I have used the previous DJI Mic system, the Rode Wireless Go 2 and currently use the Rode Wireless Pro. I think you’re making a great point on the online creator vs someone who might be doing documentary or other video work. I’ve been shooting smaller budget TV shows and docs with the Wireless Pro for a few months and have been super impressed by the system and sound quality. The extra included bits like the high quality locking lav mics are essential for what I’m shooting and I’m not sure I’d use the DJI’s built-in noise cancellation as it may effect the tone of the vocals and I’d like to control that in post. As you say though, it’s super helpful for production efficiency in vlogging, etc. Keep up the great work!

    1. Such solid points. I think the locking lav is for sure essential for anything where you’re getting paid and loss of audio could mean loss of income. I would love to see the next DJI mics add that feature in. But man, for quick videos here and there, to have the noise cancelled in mic is a killer feature! Like I said, probably different intended audiences for these two systems!

  7. Thank you for this comparison. Wow, I was about to order the DJI Mic 2 bundle, but it sounds bad compared to the Røde.

  8. DJI 2 seems to have great features buy honestly from the test the RODE for me sounds much much better.

    1. Yeah I think the same. If they weren’t side by side I wouldn’t notice it but they were so I think it’s clear ride when in the raw audio department. Features and functions DJI takes the win

  9. Hello David! I love your channel! This is a great review video! Thanks! I like the Bluetooth connection option to the Pocket 3 or the Action 4. If I have both DJI devices, can you pair the transmitters with the Pocket 3 and the Action 4 at the same time or do the transmitters remember multiple pairings? The transmitters would then automatically connect to one of the devices as soon as it is switched on. Does it work? THANK YOU and best regards from Germany!

  10. The Rode sounds much better straight out of the unit. In saying that, I think the Lark M2 is a more exciting release this week!

  11. The noise cancellation on the Mic 2 is a bit… disappointing. In fact that is the story of the Mic 2. It is well designed, well built, nicely and thoughtfully executed but it is a samll evolution from the Mic 1 (unless of course the new features were the missing link for your needs). I prefer the audio quality of the Rode and that is the critical element. However if I had to choose purely on desirability then the DJI wins hands down each and every single time. So I want to be seen with the DJI but will always use the Rode😅

  12. One thing you forgot that I don’t think many people know about is that the DJI Mic 2 can be used with the Insta360 Ace Pro without a micro USB mic adapter. It connects to the Ace Pro using bluetooth. I don’t believe you can do that with the Rode. However, the DJI Mic 2 transmitter was sold about 5 minutes after I got the email this morning… Unreal that they don’t have more available on a product launch…

    1. That is pretty shocking, but I totally get why a ton of people are just going for the transmitters alone. For $99 you pretty much get the full feature set of the combo pack without the ability to line in directly to a camera or charge in the case. BUT, if you’re like me and almost always record internally and sync in post, you’re essentially getting the full feature set for $99 which is pretty crazy!

  13. The Rode sounds significantly better than the DJI. The design of the DJI is more fluid. Rode missed the mark with such a large form factor and no touch screen. I like all of the features of the DJI. That said, pro is pro. Audio quality and a clean recording is king in audio and Rode wins, even without noise cancellation. For my most common uses, the Rode is a slightly better tool. Honestly, I’ll probably pick up both, but if I were just doing vlogs, the DJI is better. For conference interviews, small docu work and even some mid-level events, the Rode wins. Also, for small theater productions, the Rode wins as well. Having a locking lav is one of the most important features. I learned that one from experience when a lead performer pulled her mic out at the beginning of her song and it ruined the recording. Never again.

    1. I always say that if you’re being paid, then the lav better lock in place! That’s a terrible lesson to learn the hard way. Pretty sure there’s just very different intended audiences with these two mics. The DJI system is more your Final Cut Pro and the Rode system is your Davinci Resolve. Faster and easier vs something that requires a bit more work, but that you can hone in

  14. The Røde does sound better but for the price and what it can do it’s a no brainer to go for the dji !! Just a bummer that I bought the dji mic 1 literally 5 days ago otherwise I would have got the mic 2

  15. I thought the rode sounded better but I then remembered that I almost never rely on just the transmitter and usually use a lav. I’d like to hear a sound comparison using lavs on both systems. The one thing I do like about the rode is the ability to connect a usb to your comp and have all transmitters mounted whereas DJI transmitters need to be connected separately

  16. Both mics sound good. I definitely thought the rode sounded a bit better, and the noise canceling sounded terrible IMHO. Another good thing to note is the rode case has data transfer capability and the DJI doesn’t.

    My 1 question you didn’t cover is can you mount the DJI 2 on the insta360 x3 invisibly?

    1. Xmount360 made a mount so that you could mount the DJI Mic 1 receiver on there. I’ll have to confirm whether the new receiver fits that same mount!

  17. Definitely agree with the bulk of comments that Rode sounds significantly better. However I like the features and functionality of the DJI.

  18. DJI has amazing industrial designers on the team but they need spend money on sound engineers.

  19. DJI with noise cancellation sounds lifeless

    Edit DJI is nice if you’re doing videos at home and don’t want background noise at all.

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