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  1. Glad that they put the screen in the remote versus using your celly. In 2022? That just won’t… FLY! 😏

  2. Never owned a drone but this is the spec I’ve been waiting for, for photography v weight.

  3. Nice video! Haha been on your channel since forever. Best wishes from another youtuber from Sweden

  4. Got a mavic air 2 within the last couple of years. Man they are evolving so fast. They release a new one like every 6 months lol

    1. It’s actually becoming to be quite annoying to be honest. To be fair, I’d still keep my Air 2 but the release cycles for DJI products are way too quick. Especially when they have all these sub-models that make the gaps between models far too close. Mini 3 pro is close to Air 2 which is close to Air2S and by this time there’ll probably start again with the Air 3 haha

  5. The original Mavic pro had vertical photo and video. I was so freaking bummed when they got rid of it.

  6. Crazy that you’re still going strong after 10+ odd years. Been watching you since just before the canon dos 600d came out, was my first camera and still going strong!
    Still loving your content after all this time mate. Keep up the great work to you all!

  7. Wow I can finally buy a drone that I won’t kill on the first test flight. Can’t wait to check out the price

  8. did you turn up the brightness all the way up on the controller because it looks like it was on its lowest setting unless it was just the angle you filmed the screen at

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