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00:00 – Introduction.
01:05 – PRICE – 3.
01:29 – Physical Changes – Osmo Action 3.
03:37 – Dual Touch Screens – Osmo Action 3.
04:21 – Hidden Color Sensing Unit – Osmo Action 3.
04:40 – Stereo Audio Recording – Osmo Action 3.
04:48 – Quick Change Button – Osmo Action 3.
05:40 – Battery Specs – Osmo Action 3.
06:47 – Fast Charging – Osmo Action 3.
07:26 – Windproof Microphone – Osmo Action 3.
07:50 – Magnetic Locking Mount – Osmo Action 3.
09:28 – Waterproof to 16m – Osmo Action 3.
10:18 – SPONSOR – CUTS Clothes.
11:19 – Battery Charging Case – Osmo Action 3.
12:21 – Selfie Stick – Osmo Action 3.
13:41 – Vertical Installing Cage – Osmo Action 3.
14:35 – Resolutions and Frame Rates – Osmo Action 3.

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  1. ***OVERHEATING VIDEO COMING TOMORROW! I want to make sure it’s awesome for you guys. Ring that bell so you get notified when it launches. What do you guys think of the Osmo Action 3?!

    1. @Craig T true 🤔 BUT beach sand could appear white … 🤷‍♂️ I dunno if that could be a thing.

    2. @Craig T I’m anticipating an update to their wireless mic system to look more streamlined with that direct connection, though. That, with the 2.7k at 240 would be insane!

    3. Thanks man, great videos and looking forward to the overheat video! Even though the 10bit and video quality is better on the GoPro 11, I may pick the DJI Osmo 3 if it’s more reliable. So tired of GoPro crashing / overheating and losing my footage! 😡

  2. Wow, I’m genuinely surprised at the audio for a standard action camera, compatibility with the DJI mic makes it a very good combo! I’m curious to see an in-detail video of the new Insta360 One RS, the new Hero 11 and the DJI Osmo Action 3 when at max resolutions with a close up look into how detailed the cameras are. Comparing their video processing of the images.

    One thing i’ve noticed about the Hero 10 I have is that it takes excellent photos within the regular “superphoto” (for an action camera). A comparison for picture taking would be really nice!

    Also where do you crown this camera? As in whats #1 for your uses and applications + what camera would you reach for first (for this format I.E Not including the camera’s ability to change modules and go 360)

    1. Man, I’m feeling like an action camera round up might be in order! There’s so many great players in the game these days, it’s going to be hard to crown a champ. I think a full head to head is in order👍 And you’re right man, that DJI Wireless Mic kit with this camera is so dang good🙌

    2. @David Manning well if there’s anyone who’ll do a good job of making all the relative comparisons for all the players, big and small in this game, it’s you! Looking forward to seeing the Hero 11 video that will drop soon!

  3. 2:13 When I bought my Osmo 1 the lens was stuck on it so tight from the factory I had to use my leather belt as a strap wrench like you would a chunk of pipe in order to loosen it off. That is literally my only complaint with that camera overall. It has been absolutely 100% fantastic in every way and I hope the osmo 3 holds up the same way. The 2 seemed/seems like complete garbage to be honest.

    1. Hahhaa! They made that rubber ring just for you Aaron! Gotta say man, so far this thing is just as rock solid as the original. An action camera that just works no matter what👍

  4. I’ve had my original Osmo Action for 3 years now and it’s been great,it just works! This new one is enough for me to pull the trigger and upgrade, one thing I’d like to know is does it have clean HDMI out? Everything about this camera looks promising. Nice review as always, Thanks David!

    1. I haven’t tested the HDMI out yet, but you’re right that the Action 1 was a beast and this Action 3 feels just as much like a beast! Just feels so solid and well built!

  5. Great video David.glad DJI went back to the original osmo action setup. They should dji a microphone combo aswell because that was legit sound coming from that wireless system

  6. Great video as always David. This cam looks promising. Now eaiting for the launch of the GoPro’s and we have some choices too make. Still love my Insta360 X2 btw 😉

  7. Thank you. You cover all the basics and the details of every review you do. Much appreciated

  8. If they integrated the wireless mic receiver into the Action 3 body I would be all over this in a heartbeat. Great comprehensive review David! I don’t comment much, but I always love your work.

    1. Thank you TrailSage, that’s super kind of you to say! That would be incredible to have that all integrated, but for now, this setup with the mics if for sure the slickest audio kit for an action camera. I’ll probably still run my F2-BT with lav because I’m a glutton for punishment and having to sync in post, but for a quick go to, it’s pretty rad to have the wireless setup!

  9. Best review so far! You cover details that I didn’t hear from other reviewers. 👍

  10. Thanks, you showed the gotchas to know before buying.. things like the selfie stick feature isnt out, and required a high contrast background (snow) and a cage is required for portrait. Now to watch the hero11 videos for comparison haha.

    How secure is that wireless mic where its just held on by USB-C?

  11. Really smart with how they’re building their ecosystem. Action 3 + wireless Mic should come in a premium adventure kit!

    1. If companies can learn anything from Apple, it’s that ecosystem rules! Super clever that these two work so well together!

  12. Outstanding review- and used in tandem with the wireless system, which i just picked up for my Z9/iPhone14, the workflow is even simpler. Thank you ✌🏻📸

  13. Man, this is really looking like my replacement for GoPro’s. I have gotten to a point that GoPro got lucky at doing a good job while being first and just keep riding on that, but I am really getting tired of their stuff. It just seems like they don’t actually use their products, they just make them and vaguely listen to customer complaints. If they used their products they would know how big of a pain they are to use.

  14. What’s the weight on that cam? And how good is it with reducing jello on drone footage? Gopro is Perfect at hiding jello, action2 was not good at that (and also lighter which picks up vibrations easier). Thanks, great review!

  15. Hi I am new for the action camera. I have one question, I have started daily vlogging and would like to know if action 3 with accessories is a worth buy or should I wait for pocket 3, which happens to come in November as per leaks . Appreciate the help from users and community . Thanks 😊

  16. When they came out with the action 2 abomination I switched over to gopro hero 10, will likely stick with them as they have been great and will likely get the H11 Mini

  17. OUTSTANDING video as always! You cover a lot of points that others miss. Question: does the Action 3 have a way to set the time at which a timelapse will begin recording? That’s the 1 feature I need that I have on my GoPro 10 that I didn’t have on my Action 1.

  18. Looks amazing 😍
    Thanks for making this great video 👏🏻

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