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  1. Proper face tracking is the main thing I’ve been waiting on! Great video Kai!!

  2. I’m interested in finding about any upgrades or improvements it made for you YouTube live streaming.

  3. 2:21 for a second I though that Lok narrated that “stabilised footage” part

  4. Have the DJI OM5 and love the new darker colour of the OM6 as both the Athens Grey and Sunset White picked up dirty marks easily… Facetracking seems improved! I’m curious if the motor is stronger when pairing with the DJI Mic as had to counterbalance the placement of the gimbal in the magnetic attachment to stop it shaking or flipping out! Is the battery life improved at all over the OM5? Fun video @Kai W!

  5. The face tracking looks a little too sensitive to me. In natural filming, the framing should not try to maintain the subject in the exact center all the time. Too much movement.

  6. Kai, can you tell us more about this “MF” mode? I assume there are a lot of MFers out here who would be interested in how you would use it to MF. I’m sure you have a strong opinion on MF.

  7. I just got the 5. Honestly i don’t like how aggressive the tracking is on this one. If I’m using a gimbal i want cinematic stuff. The 6 is a little too all over the place for me haha

    1. @Christoffer Lund right? When i saw the title of this video i was like shiiit really?? But nope I’m good haha

  8. Honestly I think the better way to review this is by using an Android phone.

    Using this with an iPhone is the “ideal” situation, and Android being Android, you’ll be subjected to various forms of stress tests including ActiveTrack

    1. @Donald Foster Could say the same for the OM4SE. Flimsy phones make for flimsy results, but even that is just the tip of the iceberg of DJI’s incompetence in software maintenance.

  9. Hello Kai, thank u so much for the content. Just a question,
    does it still good for iPhone only, or can hold Samsung Ultra phone too ? Cheers !!

  10. I wish this gimbal can make a photo sphere 360 automatically. Can it?
    Can we take a normal photo at 1s shutter speed and get sharp result? Because the gimbal compensake for our small movement?

  11. You’re doing it again mate, it’s DJI not DGI!
    You said G instead of J the entire video again. lol

  12. Can the iPhone 14 Pro max fitted with a silicone case be attached ? thank you

  13. You were literally 5 mins down the road from me for the Stepping Stones 😀

  14. 🤣 Fair play dude. Your comments creased me up. Nice to see a review not taking itself to seriously whilst still giving you the info you need. Top work

    1. We made the panel to allow you to switch to different gimbal modes without needing to go through DJI Mimo.

  15. How would you hook up an external mic like a rode wireless or a saramonic Blink when using the om6 without the gimbal losing balance?

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