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Don't Call Me a Street Photographer

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  1. Yo those opening shots in B&W were mad. Loving the abstract photos too. One of those window shots (a light blue one) reminded me of Pierre Soulages, one of my favorite abstract painters.

  2. Great video and photo as usual! Recently I fell in love with shooting Black and white on my X100T, there’s something about the simplicity and lack of distraction in b&w, you really inspire me to shoot in different and creative ways! Thank u!

  3. A pleasant and relaxing video to watch of Paris, which is my city. I enjoyed the casual mix of still photography, video and the commentary from your ever-such-a-tiny appartment. The ability to spend an entire month in one place, definitely gives you more than a tourist’s perspective. If you can manage to support yourself traveling from city to city doing these documentaries, you will have a life that millions would envy.

  4. 7:36 is good, but 7:42 great frame and shot! 8:32 nice feel and frame. In regard to reflections, it all seems overdone, as in in certain cases it works to perfection, but once overdone, or not interesting, becomes just an exercise. Fine video and info on the city. Well done.

  5. Encore une bien jolie vidéo sur Paris.
    Content que vous ayez apprécié votre voyage en France !

  6. Awesome video. Which is your preferred street journal yet? I will buy one for sure

  7. Those of you interested in buying all four journals I will be uploading a discounted bundle soon! Just keep an eye out for it 🙂

  8. Such an inspire work you have made in Paris! I’m lucky enough to live close to this city and looking forward to go there more often to photograph it! Thank you for the inspiration you bring for many of us 🙏

  9. Brilliant video and congratulations on your journals! First thing people ask, what do you do? I say I am a creative. Then define it. What is more important is being a doer! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Fantastic images!

  10. Hi Faizan! First of all, thank you for your content, its always very inspiring 🎉 I have a question, why you always use mechanical shutter? Cause in this condition (natural light) is no strobing at all.

  11. Some of your thoughts really resonate with me. Sometimes I feel like I have to decide on what kind of photography I want to do and stick to it no matter what. Like I have to put a label on what I do or I have to be known for that one specific thing I do. But life is so messy and complex and yet so beautiful that I don’t want to put myself into a box. Like you said I want to photograph “whatever, wherever.”

  12. as a graphic designer, im supper happy to see you are publishing editorials of your work!! def buying all of em and putting it in my library to enjoy!

    thanks to your papa aswell 🙂

  13. Selamat malam, Pak Faizal. Great set as always. Really enjoying your vocal diary as well.

  14. Man…I’ve been wanting a Zine from you for so long. Sooo excited to get my hands on them and the fact that you created it with your father really is incredible. Congrats on it all. ❤

  15. Enjoying the sense of artistic growth over the last year or so. Definitely get the sense that you’re finding yourself in photography which is something, when all is said and done, we all can aspire to as photographers. 👏

  16. Great to see these Journals! I’ve ordered a hard copy of ‘London’. 🤓

    Also: lots of great photos in this video. Looking forward to ‘Paris’! 😉

  17. The intro B/W montage could have been a Wes Anderson movie 🎥 love you’re artistic sensibilities throughout. X

  18. Great video, Faizel. You’re quite the storyteller. Love the soundtrack, narrative, and imagery. I’m looking forward to seeing your next production.

  19. Beautiful. When it comes to your “street” videography, do you think you use the same principles as with photography? How do you feel they differ from each other? I love to learn more about your philosophy on videography because I love to watch your work in motion.

    PS: Shoutout to a helpful, creative dad! 🙂

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