End of Photography? A.I. Creates photos You! – Learn in 5 minutes!

Let me coach you on your pictures here:

In this video you will find out how you can utilize midjourney software to create unbelievable digital developments, you can develop actually anything! The sky's the limit! Enjoy!

00:00 Introduction
00:01 Results you can get with midjourney software application
00:46 What is Midjourney and how you can use it
01:31 How to set up the software
02:13 How does it works
06:55 This is what you do if you need assistance
07:11 This is how you can subscribe
07:36 How to get your own server with only your own photos
08:44 Special coaching session with me!
09:47 Result of the creation with midjourney
10:35 How to improve the quality of the image in Lightroom
11:44 How to boost the quality of the image in Photoshop

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End of ? A.I. Creates photos You! – Learn in 5 minutes!

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  1. The end of photography and photo retouching? Very depressing indeed, n’est-ce pas ?

  2. Serge – I agree, Art is Art no matter the source or how much post processing you do to get the “image” you want! Thanks so much for sharing all you skills with us! Stay Safe! πŸ™‚

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