Fujifilm X-T5 – Made For Photographers

Brand name brand-new X Camera!

Pre-order Fujifilm

Canon EOS C70
Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens

Røde Wireless GO Wireless Mic.
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic.
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Shure SM58.

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    1. @Steve Muzak
      Yeah, join the good party and have a revolution, no rich = no problems

  1. Got the xt-4 second hand while in japan at the beggining of the year, the only thing i dont like is the tilty flippy screen, sad i didnt wait

  2. I use my XT4 like a film camera by flipping the screen “shut” (protection mode?) and I’ll really miss that feature in the XT5

    1. Same , I hope that at least they will keep the screen hidden in XPro 4

    2. There’s no need to upgrade from an X-T4 though, so it’s not really an issue

  3. Not photography related but Kai always has good looking watches are they vintage?

    1. I too desperately need to know what watch Kai is wearing, it’s really good-looking

  4. Larger battery, smaller body, flip screen, high res sensor, upgraded autofocus.

    I still have my xt2 and couldn’t be bothered with the xt3 or 4.

    THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.

    1. I got xt2 too. All what I’m missing is ibis like in my m43 Olympus. I’m hoping that second hand xt4 prices will go down soon under £1000 so I can afford one. No way I’ll be able to cough up £1700 for xt5.

    2. @kamil potato the xt4 is bigger and I don’t like the screen. The size and layout of the xt2 were far more preferable. I have an xs10 and there are definitely autofocus improvements since the xt2, but that alone wasn’t enough to upgrade.

      I had Olympus cameras in the past, but they blew it with the lack of a joystick, the flippy screen, and there switch to plastic camera bodies. The em5 original was a game changer at the time, but the new om5 is a dud.

      The xt5 brings it all together for me.

    3. Yep, me too.But now I lean towards the Xh2.
      The dials can also be annoying.
      When I dont have my classes on, I have accidently set the setting to 12400 iso.
      Only 2 clicks away.

  5. Be interesting to see the AF vs Canon r10/r7.
    Most modern cameras capture good enough images.
    I am far more interested in AF/IBIS etc.

  6. THANK YOU. I’ve been so tired of seeing most camera reviews lean toward video features for so long, as someone who barely uses the video features, it’s nice to see a camera and review that’s about photography. I get that most of the reviewers are youtubers who are video photographers, but still. Battery grip? Don’t need one as someone who takes stills, I can take the time to change batteries when need be, it’s not a problem. Might at some point upgrade my X-T3 for this. I think the way Fuji does the tilty flippy thing on these is perfect. As someone who is relatively short, I use the tilting screen often when I do over the head shots, when I need to see the shot and can’t reach the viewfinder.

    1. You can still have a battery grip if somebody makes it, it’s just a simple BMS and some batteries, if you plug it into the battery main the camera doesn’t even have to know what it’s connected.

      The different screen hinge is nice, lots of people prefer the tilting screen, but Sony A7RV screen offers the best of both worlds, let’s hope it becomes more popular.

      Nice to be able to choose between 2 different cameras with the same sensor but with this small but important differences in terms of usability

  7. I still remember when I got my XT-4 in a (almost) perfect condition with the 16-80 f.4 for only 1.000€ back when it came out.
    The pre-owner thought there was a dead pixel on the sensor and thought it’s not worth any more money, in fact it was a dead pixel on the screen.

  8. Will Fuji actually be able to supply enough of these for them to not be always out of stock everywhere? I’m not talking pandemic supply chain problems, pretty much the only two Fuji models you could get before the pandemic was the X-T30 and X-Pro3, the prior because everyone wanted the X-E4 or X-T3, the latter because of the polarizing rear displays.

    I’ll be interested when an X100 comes out they can keep in stock so they don’t cost 2k used. It’ll prob be that new at this point with them claiming “NEW SENSOR HIGH RES” bull that isn’t needed anyway. At this point an X-Pro3 with a 23 or 27mm lens is there same price and easier to get than an X100V. The new 35mm equivalent lens in the X100V is a lot better than the interchangable lens version along with other parts.

    If only OM would get enough money from their new overlords to make a new Pen-F that’s weather sealed with the same internals as the OM-5 with the OM-1 menus like the 5 should have. I’ve had a lot easier time with OM-1 raw files than my X-T3, and the sample jpeg and raws from the OM-5 have been great too (should be, it’s basically just an EM-1.3).

  9. Their has never been an issue with the camera since the X-T3 in “detecting” the subject, the real issue is does it focus. This is the biggest issue. You showing us it can detect, that’s cool and we know it can do that, but you didn’t talk about how many were out of focus. Sure it’s preproduction, but focusing will not be one of those things that will be tweaked.

  10. Cant see the draw to upgrade. I’m gettingvfeeling a lot with cameras. They have reached a point where its no longer worth rushing out to upgrade and also, especially with Sony, the auto focus has become so good I don’t think there’s much skill involved in getting the shot. Depends how you look at it but I think we are going to see Crop and full frame to start to slow down as medium format will start to become cheaper and enter the Consumer market a bit more. Let’s face the next step up now from all these super camera is medium and possibly even large format digital.

  11. I can afford this camera but then I wouldn’t be able to afford anything else 😅

  12. Fujifilm gets a dedicated photographer camera 📷 😍
    Again, live view makes wotkflow faster

  13. And made for filmmakers and videographers too. We don’t want the side hinged selfie screen, none of us shoot ourselves whilst working.
    Only YouTubers think we want the side hinged rubbish.
    The tilt screen is perfect, the side hinged flippy screen is too slow, cumbersome and obtrusive.

  14. It’s kinda funny how everyone has the same reaction with any new camera on the market “oh yea it has like pff Idk 40MP and IBIS and big battery with how the fck knows how much dynamic range and ISO very high and very low and it has lenses and 2 SD card slots and yea just the usual so let’s wait another month for the new one maybe they give us something new”
    Love you Kai is not your fault and I’ll always enjoy your content xD

  15. oh a new mm lens. thats more interesting than the x-t5.

  16. The camera is not deep learning while using it, because there is no automatic way with new photos taken to reward or punish the neural net for it. Maybe if you could afterwards give it feedback(infocus/oof), but this is probably too complicated for the end user and likely to harm performance if done incorrectly. They trained a neural net with the method called ´deep learning´. The neural net, after itˋs trained for all different modes acording to the needed subjects, will aquire focus like it‘s an algorithm for each specific mode, but probably a lot quicker and less prone to error.

    That’s very simplified.

    The camera looks good, i probably will sell my x-h1 kit, which is somewhat disappointing in the focus department and get the x-t5.

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