Fujifilm X100VI: From Hate to Love

A pro professional photographer's ideas on the after shooting 5,000 images. I really wanted to hate this cam, however …
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00:00 – Intro.
02:00 – How To Get an .
03:25 – What is the .
06:26 – Why I Now Love the X100VI.
07:45 – Need to You Purchase The X100VI.
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X100VI: From Hate to Love

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  1. I want to buy a EDC compact camera, how would you rate this compared to a Sony a7cii with the 40mm f2.5.?

    1. My main camera is the LUMIX S5II, and I love it. But looking sor something I would want to have on me everyday on a strap or 3L sling bag.

    2. Man, it’s so tricky because the A7Cii is so damn good and obviously opens the door up to a whole world of lens options. I think sometimes though, those options actually get in the way of just picking up your camera and creating photos. For me, the simplicity and limitations of this camera are what remove obstacles and let me just create. If you have other cameras for other things are just want a super fun EDC camera, then this is absolutely the way to go!

    3. A7CII with small lens like Sony 24,40,50 f2.5 G or Sigma 24, 35, 65 f/2 or Samyang 24,35mm f/2.8 = INSANE COMPACT COMBO. X100 series are overhyped.

    4. You could sorta split the difference, get something like the Fuji XT-5, its got a more old school styling, and has all the features of that x100VI, but you’d get the flexibility of having swappable lenses like the a7CII. get something like their 23mm F2.8 WR and you’d have a fun EDC camera that you could slap something like the Sigma 18-50 on for more professional situations. Was just a thought!

  2. Preordered on the 21st from a small store and I’m hoping I see it this year πŸ˜‚

    1. Might be a solid idea to place a pre-order at a few places to see which one dings first! Usually you’re not charged until it’s ready to ship, so once one does you can then cancel the other pre-ordersπŸ‘

    2. @@DavidManningvlog having the time makes me enjoy the videos that come out more. I did find out that the 2nd US release was 20% of the size of the first and stores are still dealing with day one orders. Ha

  3. Could you please get black models (brown skin) so we can see if the cameras would look good on us.

    1. check out John Branch IV photography. He is a fuji wedding photographer. His photos may inspire you.

  4. The Fuji X-S20 is also a good option. Smaller than the X-T5, yet can use different lenses. I have the X-S10 and 27mm f/2.8… a poor man’s X100.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Especially for the bigger battery and faster uhs 2 card slot.

    2. X-E4 would be a better substitute in that case imo, except that it doesn’t have ibis.

  5. Reala ace is still a film simulation IIRC, its based on the Fuji Superia Reala 100 film which was discontinued in 2013.

    1. Oh dude, you rock thank you! Looking into it, I thought that one was based on their modern digital camera color science. Thanks for the correctionπŸ‘

    2. @@DavidManningvlog wouldn’t surprise me if it was reala in name only! But there was a filmstock called that πŸ˜‚

  6. My iPhone Preorder skills nabbed me one from BH on launch day. It replaced my Ricoh GR III as my EDC camera, I’m super happy with mine too. It really is annoyingly good.

  7. Fucking love this camera! I can see why people might be reserved picking this up when you have an X100V though. I shot with the xpro3 for years and even though its a great camera i stopped using it less and less due to its weight and size, it also doesnt have built in flash. This camera delivers on all of that. 40 megapixel, beautiful design. under 500 grams, portable and just so easy and fun to shoot with. Great video and review.

    1. Tough call on the upgrade from the X100V unless you like punching into that 50mm focal length. Since you’re digitally zooming, the more mp the better

    2. @@DavidManningvlog yeah fersure. Dont forget IBIS though. Its a massive difference.

  8. Great video. Is your clever supply strap the short 27in or medium 37.5 version?

    1. I went for the medium version. The short strap is great if you’ll only ever wear it in front, but sometimes I wear my strap cross body and the medium is better for thatπŸ‘

  9. FWIW: You’re describing a RESTO-MOD when using your Mustang analogy! Which is a great way to describe this camera, from its retro styling, updated internals, and improvements that make it better for modern daily driving, the phrase is well picked for this camera!

    1. @@DavidManningvlog mid-west + resto-mods… I hope there’s a travel video and some film camera somewhere in there next time you’re in the motherland πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Would you make a video comparing the x100vi to the a7cii? Ive heard comparisons of the two, but no visual comparisons. Appreciate your input and reviews!

    1. That would be a very solid comparison video! Pricing along makes the comparison a bit tough being that the Sony body alone is $2,200 but as a practical matter of which camera to choose, it would be a great comparison!

  11. Hey there, David! We just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the shout-out and this great review! Everyone here at the shop is way into the X100VI and can’t get enough of the film sims. We all collectively winced at the clip of your elbow hitting the table at the end. Ooof! Thanks again!!

    1. You guys rock! Next time I’m in town out there, I would love to stop by and check out the shop and meet the team in person. Everyone I’ve talked to on your team has been amazing and you’ll for sure be my go to gear shop now!

    2. We would so love to have you visit! Maybe when you visit, we could plan something like a David Manning <> Fujifilm Photowalk in Columbus??? Just sayin!

  12. Great video, thank you! Ordered in a small local shop here in Germany. I hope I will be next! πŸ˜€

  13. Like you, I am way more interested and intrigued by this camera than I wanted to be. I will be curious to see your follow-up video to know how you have yours setup for regular use.

    1. Stay tuned! After the fairly long dial in period, I’ve simplified my use case on this thing massively. It’s so easy now I barely have to think about it!

  14. 200 on a list? Damn, I thought it was bad here, because there are 17 people waiting for the x100vi in the shop where I ordered it…

  15. Which model/length leather strap is that? Your link just brings me to the main page. Thanks!

  16. I love the quality of pictures πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ , well done πŸ‘

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