Fujifilm X100VI Gear Guide

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Thumb grip:.
Hinged thumb grip:.
Skinny Video Camera Strap:.
Haoge Hood:.
Nisi Hood:.
ProMist 1/8:.
ProMist 1/4:.
Lens Case:.
Brass Button:.
Screen Protector:.
SD Card V90:.
SD Card V60:.
Godox Flash:.
Best Travel Tripod:.
Arca Swiss Variation:.
F38 Item:.
Clever Sling Bag:.
Clever Little Bag:.
Camera -.
Image Camera -.
Main lens:.
Favorite Lens:.
Long lens:.
NEW Cam Bag:.
Knapsack Clip:.
BEST Travel Tripod:.
F38 Quick Release System:.
Vlog Tripod -.
Vlog Tripod Head -.
Quick Release System:.
Insta360 Ace Pro:.
Insta360 ONE X3 -.
DJI Action 4:.
GoPro Hero 12:.
Quick Release Action Gear:.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather electronic camera strap:.
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PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.
00:00 – Introduction.
00:28 – Thumb Rest.
02:14 – Camera Strap.
03:39 – Lens Hoods.
06:17 – ProMist Filters.
08:22 – Shutter Release Button.
08:57 – Bits.
10:40 – Flash.
11:55 – Best Travel Tripod.
12:32 – Clever Sling Bag.
15:00 – Clever Mini Sling.
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Gear Guide

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  1. I got the Haoge hood so it wouldn’t block the viewfinder. I have a peak design clip and sling bag and was thinking of using it but I’m thinking the plate will block the battery door? I already have 2 batteries so I guess I’ll not always use it or have to get another bracket to make the camera bigger. These things are like GoPros with all the accessories 😂

    1. I have the capture clip plate on and I can confirm that it blocks the battery door. I’m considering getting the smallrig L-shape grip so that i can access the battery.

    2. Yep, blocks the battery door. I’m surprised they didn’t relocate that bottom screw on the X100VI. Probably my only real con I have on this camera

  2. Amazing content again. I have subscribed to your channel and I have the bell on… how many cameras do you have to film or take pictures of? Since I have seen your channel for a while I am curious how many you have, like a lot of videos are made on this channel

    1. As far as large cameras go, just the A7Siii for video, A7IV for photo, and now this to capture my personal life. When it comes to action cameras and drones though, I do have quite a few on that shelf behind me!🤣

  3. Thanks for the video! The funny thing is…I already have all this great accessoires (Haoge lens hood, thumb grip, Tiffen filter, camera strap, a set of batteries) for the X100VI but I’m still waiting for the camera. 😂

    1. Hahaa that’s what happened to me too! I ordered the goodies and they all came first. Stoked for you to get your hands on this camera, it’s a ton of fun!

  4. Love these videos! New sub here, got a few questions:

    1. Are you related to Mark Rober? 🙂

    2. Do you need the Fuji adapter to mount the new lens hoods?

    1. Stoked you’re here Richard! Nope! And no adapter needed for the hoods! There’s a thin ring that screws off the Fuji and the hoods screw right onto that👍

  5. I have the LensMate thumb rest with the hinge. I am really happy with it so far. The hinge does make accessing the shutter speed dial much easier. only con is that it a hair to big vertically in my opinion in that it impedes the ability to to press the all/afl button and turn the rear command dial. you can still press/turn them, but it is more of an effort. I find myself pulling back the thumb rest when I want to use them. side note – I relocated shutter speed to the front command dial to alleviate this issue.

    1. Interesting! I didn’t realize the LensMate version was that much larger. I have one on order, so I’ll know soon whether I’m sticking with it or the Haoge

  6. Niiice 👍🤟 this is the kind of video that makes me, wanna quit my job, buy the stuff and go become a photographer 🙏😅

  7. David excellent video, waiting for my VI to arrive, question, the Battery charger, so it seems to come with also 2 of the batteries that fit the camera however, the price is crazy low, one of these batteries at my local camera store is $68.00, am I missing something here?

    1. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s sort of always the case with OEM batteries. The pricing makes no sense compared to what you can get aftermarket. For my A7Siii and A7IV, I have the batteries that came with them and then the rest are Ulanzi batteries for a fraction of the price and the same performance. Baffles me as well!

    2. So David, you have tried the Wasabi batteries in the Fujifilm VI with no issues? The link you posted. Thx

  8. I recommended another lens hood. Why have you deleted my recommendation? Is it since you fear it will hurt the affiliate links and you don’t really want to help people, just make profit?

    1. So many YouTubers are doing the same thing. You can always tell which ones are getting free stuff.

  9. I just ordered my x100vi yesterday, i wonder if i’m even gonna get it this year

  10. The lens hood from YC Onion is the only lens hood I know that doesn’t require any screwdriver to screw it on. Thank me later

  11. Brilliant video again I don’t even do photography anymore and I watch you all the time. Fantastic you explain things in such good detail.👍🏻👍🏻

  12. I’ve the same Hoage hood and my lens cap doesn’t fit over it… it’ll kinda go on at an angle… does yours fit all the way over?

    1. Ignore me just found the Hoage X54B hood which is compatible. It must be slightly bigger than the x100vi Fuji hood.

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