GAME CHANGER LIGHTS – Zhiyun Molus X100 and G60

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Zhiyun is most likely best known for their gimbals and accessories, however they have presented 2 brand-new powerful, yet extremely portable lights for photography and video production. The Molus G60 is a small, 60 watt bi-color LED light that can accept light modifiers from Zhiyun along with a Bowens install adapter for standard studio modifiers. You can use either the included power supply or USB power shipment.

The Molus X100 is a 100 watt LED that is super small and portable. With a retro design, it is a powerful bi-color LED that comes with a detachable battery that provides it a large range of flexibility. It also works with Zhiyun modifiers and can be adjusted to Bowens mount for basic studio modifiers from practically any company.

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GAME CHANGER LIGHTS – Zhiyun Molus X100 and G60

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  1. That’s cool. Posible to gel them at all? And what about the fan noise, I guess it wasn’t an issue for your video?

  2. I’ve had time to play with these, along with the impressive M40. Recently it seems like some of the knock-off producers like Zhiyun and Neewer have been getting more creative in producing products the break the barriers rather than just copying other name brands.

  3. I’m currently using the G60 for photoshoots on the go and it has work wonders for me

  4. If anyone is wondering, the company name ZhiYun (智云) literally means Intelligent/Wisdom (Zhi) and Cloud (Yun).

  5. While it’s interesting to see how the bedroom was lit, I personally think the light choices were incorrect. If one is using only 5%-20% of a 100w light on your subject and 100% of a 60w on the background, and the background isn’t getting enough light then it makes more sense to swap them and use the 60w as the key and fill and the 100w as the background light to give a less moody look back there. That said it currently functions, but there would be more flexibility the way I’m suggesting.

  6. I’m absolutely looking at the X100 for my next light. All I have right now is the Godox SL60W, which is a nice light, but man to have 100W at that tiny size would be amazing and would complement the lower power light really well too.

  7. I’d love to see how close you can recreate your default setup with X100 and G60. That would be a great compartment

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