GoPro Hero 12 vs DJI Osmo Action 4 – WHICH ONE TO BUY?


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Action 4:
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00:00 – Introduction.
01:50 – Comparison Video – GoPro Hero 12 vs Action 4.
03:06 – Magnetic Mounting System.
04:28 – Front Screen Touchscreen.
05:36 – Quick Change Button.
06:34 – Max Lens Mod 2.0.
07:36 – Battery Life & Getting Too Hot.
09:52 – Quick Charging.
10:33 – Integrated Audio Comparison – GoPro Hero 12 vs .
11:57 – Audio Technique Contrast – GoPro Hero 12 vs DJI Action 4.
13:13 – Image Quality Comparison – GoPro Hero 12 vs DJI Action 4.
15:43 – Larger Sensing Unit Matters.
16:52 – Stabilization Comparison – GoPro Hero 12 vs DJI Action 4.
17:35 – UI Contrast.

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GoPro Hero 12 vs – WHICH ONE TO BUY?

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  1. I liked the footage from Camera B, but only because it looked slightly more saturated so that I wouldn’t have to mess with anything in post.

    Overall, it looks like I’ll be keeping my Hero 10 for another year. I feel that neither camera has any features that I need which would be worth $400 for an upgrade.

    1. strange how people judge color – to my eye gopro is more saturated, more warm and whats most important – it exposes faces more correctly, bringing out skin details unlike DJI that is happy to leave the face of the main talent in murky greyish shade

    2. ​@Pilot Pyrx not only does the gopro run warmer, the A4 always runs cool. Too cool, you can’t tell much in this video, but other comparison vids show an unsightly blueish tint. The 4k on the gopro shows finer details in the daytime. Dji is a legit competition, although I give Gopro a slight edge

    3. Funny you mention the Hero 10. I’ve been recording with it recently doing some low light test and it’s doing better then all other GOPRO’s but falls behind the Action 4. I am really surprised at how good the Hero 10 is in low light (for an action camera).

      My list from best to worse in lowlight has been in this order….
      – insta360 One RS 1″
      – Action 4
      – Hero 10
      – Hero 11
      – Action 3
      – Hero 8
      – Hero 9

      All running the exact same settings (being all GOPRO’s except the Hero 11) have the same sensor size and obviously the Action 4 despite being set to the same settings as the hero cams could be even brighter if I adjust the settings for the sensor size. But yea my Hero 10 seems to be worth its weight if you absolutely have to have a GoPro without wanting to cough up the amount of $$ for the new Hero 12.

  2. If you’re not already part of the GoPro ecosystem, I’d go with DJI all the way. I feel like they have more passion then GoPro to keep innovating in the future while they have an amazing drone lineup that you can also take advantage of within the same brand.

    1. I was part of the GoPro ecosystem. I sold all my GoPro cameras and accessories. I’m all in with DJI.

  3. I have a gopro 10, but after i bought a dji mini 3 pro and loved it, i became more interested in other products DJI had to offer, including the action 4. Altough the gopro was fine in most situations, the battery died pretty fast and i also did not like the mounting system. So i bought the action 4 and it has been great, the same as you say in your review; usability is just awesom. I have the adventure pack and you can shoot all day with the 3 batteries. Include a powerbank to charge the dji battery case and you never run out of power. The only thing i don’t like, is that is sometimes to wide, even in dewarp. Thanks

    1. The Combo Packs that DJI offers with their products is genius! I always go for the combo whether its’ on their Action series or any of their drones. I’ll take a couple extra batteries and a charger all day. You pretty much get everything you need straight out of the box and you’re ready to go👍

  4. I just ordered the GoPro 12. But only because I’m stuck in the ecosystem.
    But certainly disappointed that GoPro used the same sensor in the GoPro 12. DJI is a very good and important competitor. Competition is so important. I really hope GoPro gets up off the couch and starts improving its future lineup. Because next time I will definitely buy the Dji if GoPro disappoints again.

    1. Oh man, this is EXACTLY how I feel! Some competition in the market only gets us all a better camera from both companies! I think the better the Action 4 gets, th emore pressure there is on GoPro to step up their game, and vice versa!

    2. I’ve had GoPro for years and certainly never felt like I was stuck in their ‘ecosystem’… (what ecosystem?) when making the change. After so many many years of GP just not giving a damn with all of their crap which they never seem to be able to fix, the change was a no-brainer. And personally, I expect DJI to just start pulling away in terms of reliability, quality and innovation.

    3. „Ecosystem“ is probably the wrong word for it. Of course I mean the fact that I already use their cloud service a lot. If that clears things up a bit.

  5. GoPro needs to realize that they’re going to have to completely redesign that camera at some point to keep up with competition that has already outpaced them. Cosmetics and software enhancements will only get them so far.

  6. Going from the GP9 to Action 4. Talk about A HUGE upgrade. Not overheating, losing files, freezing up and can use the app with live mode is awesome!

    1. This is quite the upgrade! It’s wild how far these cameras have come lately!

    2. I bought the DJI Action 4, and tried 4k 60fps in an “cold enviroument” 16 degrees celsius not even in the sun, i tried all 3 fully charged batteries, newest firmware, and after 15minutes it shuts down because of overheating….:( im gonna send it back to amazon and buy the GoPro Hero 12 hope gopro dont overheat and shut down…..:(

    3. @On The Kentish Roads lucky! This is my first GP and it’s been nothing but issue. Won’t be my last but I’ll wait till they get better. Maybe GP 13 will be completely different and not just a slight “upgrade” like they do every release 😅

  7. Agree, if you are a Newbee get the DJI but if you have GoPros, then I’d stick with them. Both cameras are great and I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.
    It’s a PHOTO FINISH in the camera race. Could be a dead heat.

  8. Both can produce great content. One advantage of the GoPro is the higher resolution stills, that can be useful when diving. Burst mode, 5 framers of raw photos in one second. Also 5.3K footage allows getting high res still frames to be extracted as JPGs. With the Action 4 that is not possible. But I do not see really many advantages of the Hero 12 over the Hero 11 or 10. Same image quality. The GPS is nice to have occasionally to geotag spots or look at distances at home. But the quick switch button, depth rating, battery life, low light quality of the Action 4 are appealing.

    The Action 4 fov is too wide for general use. It makes the foreground, like a road, huge and the background scenery way too small. Even in linear mode. I have the Action 2. But that can be ok underwater where the fov is reduced.

    1. Very interesting points! I just took the Action 4 diving in Hawaii and had it mounted on a dive mask mount. While at 60 ft swimming past a WWII wreck, I was able to reach up, pop off the camera, use the QS button to switch to photo mode and snap a selfie. Then reach back up, remount the camera without looking and keep going on the dive. That sold me on it as my main dive camera! Also, the extra depth without a dive case was helpful👍

    2. @David Manning that is cool to remove the camera so easily. But once i had the Action 2 on a floaty stick around my neck, I accidentally knocked it and it flew off he mount. I was on the beach. There was some sand in the hinges of the magnetic mount. So that needs to be inspected. But with the Hero 10 in June I came face to face with a sandtiger shark. I was shooting 5K. The shark made a U turn. I could extract high res frames, one of which was printed full page width on the New York Post newspaper in NYC, in August, when there was a lot of articles about shark presence in the area. Had I been shooting with the DJI Action , the 4K video footage would not have produced such a nice still frame for print. But the Action 4 is better in low light, murky waters. But in the end resolution is more important than sone noise.

      I may get the A4 anyways, for the depth rating, although the battery door/seal feels so flimsy than the GoPro’s. I wonder if the Hero 10/11/12 would still work and be water sesistant at 15m/50ft or so.

      If you are shooting some amazing experience, where you may want to print photos from the footage, 5K is the way to go. Printing that frame and some other footage in the newspaper paid off the GoPro.

  9. After watching the comparison the DJI is definitely my pick, thanks for another informative video David.

  10. Thanks David… when I listen to the difference between the two, I get the sense that the DJI is developed by someone who used it a lot. Making life easier.

    1. That’s a great way to see it! When you use these cameras all day long, the Action 4 just feels easier to use. Both AMAZING cameras, but ease of use is very appreciated🙌

  11. Super happy owner of an OA4 since its debut and never regretted after the hero 12 came out. About external dji mics, you can use only one transmitter w/o mounting the receiver on the OA4 preserving its waterproof capabilities as the transmitter has its internal storage 😊

  12. This is the best YouTube review comparing the two cameras. I chose the Action 4 camera and I am really enjoying using it. Zero problems and easy to use. Thanks for such a clear, unbiased review of the two cameras.

  13. First, thank you for always putting in such an effort on great videos. You (and a couple others) sold me on the OSMO Action 4. The footage looks more like what I see when I’m out hiking, biking, or canoeing, and if I want that punchier GoPro look, it’s easy to get in editing. My wife and I love our OA4, and it’s getting us outside even more.

  14. i will stick with my action 3 for now. The upgrade to the 4 looks to me, to be just very minimal.

    The only bummer for me is that the remote doesn’t work withe the 3. And I think this is a deliberate decision from DJI. Because I don’t see any other reason why it won’t work with the 3

  15. Still quite happy with my Action 1 and 3 for moto vlogging and walking/travel along side the Insta 360 x2. Dropped GoPro many moons ago due to overheating and software/firmware issues, never regretted this decision. Sure these are both great cameras but it will be DJI again next change. Great review video as always👍

  16. 95% of my action camera use is motocross and DJI just works for me. After watching so many comparison videos, the image of either camera looks better or worse depending on the time of day, sunshine, overcast, rain. It’s also really easy to screw up a setting and make the footage look terrible and the same goes for the software one uses to create the videos. In this video I think the GP looks a little better but I also know with one or 2 setting tweaks the DJI will look just as good. I have to mention that the GP media mod is a nightmare to use and to change batteries. DJI is so much easier to use.

  17. I’ve been shooting GoPro for 8 years and can confidently say it’s time to switch. The Action 4 is a better camera. Thanks for the awesome breakdown.

  18. I’ve been testing the DJI all month! I chose it because I plan to dive deeper into the DJI ecosystem, such as the new rumored pocket 3 and mini pro 4.

    I do think the go pro looks but you said it. The YouTube compression makes it hard to tell at all!

  19. I agree with you David. The Action 4’s practicalities definitely make it the better camera. It is so disappointing that the Hero 12 is still struggling with so many of the problems that have long been an issue with GoPro. If I didn’t already have all the GoPro gear from owning 2 previous models, I would go with the Action 4.

  20. Would love to see a comparison of dynamic range as well if possible along with the night mode. It keeps feeling like the GoPro has better range but unsure if maybe it’s just exposing better by default?

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