GoPro’s BIG PROBLEM and EASY FIX – MediaMod




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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – The BIG PROBLEM
03:05 – The EASY FIX

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GoPro's BIG PROBLEM and EASY FIX – MediaMod

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  1. Yes, you’re right! Also I think this will provide some protection to the camera as well because if you’re doing some aggressive activities and your setup decides to bumped into something really hard, that’d would break the camera feet, no cap. Although it’s not a big deal, media mod is more expensive than GoPro feet but it still hurts lol.

  2. I was excited for the media mod but honestly think the standard mic sounds better than the mod one. & having to add another external mic for better sound messes up the point of a go pro for my needs. It also causes it to overheat way faster πŸ˜’. I never use it anymore with the mod. Camera quality in good lighting is top notch though πŸ‘Œ

    1. Interesting that you like the internal mics better. I’m a fan of the MediaMod mics, just wish I could use them both at onceπŸ‘

  3. I would absolutely buy the media mod if it included the improvements covered in this video!

  4. I’m sure someone clever could come up with a 3D printer part that could be inserted to fix this issue. Might need the careful application of some strong glue though.

  5. 100% couldn’t agree more! Little details like this make a huge difference in quality of life/workflow. I’m always the camera guy on our trips and I hate making my group wait for me while I mess with my equipment so anything that can make it simpler/quicker is greatly welcomed.

    1. I’m 100% that guy as well! Always looking to get gear setup faster/easierπŸ‘

  6. I definitely agree with the feet thing. I once got my camera stuck when I forgot to fold the feet up trying to remove it from the mediamod. I couldn’t push the camera back in to fold the feet and couldn’t finish pulling it out cause the feet were through the hole. I finally got it pushed back in to fold the feet up but it is really annoying. The downside here is even of they do fix this problem, that just means I have to buy another mediamod cause of a problem GoPro created.

    1. Oh man, getting it stuck would be a solid issue! Again, adding some feet on there solves all these problemsπŸ™Œ

  7. Go Pro should’ve added another flip-able feet on the media mod and another downside when using the Media Mod is if you don’t have long nail you can’t pull the feet versus when the Go Pro is not in the media mod.

  8. Excellent video and suggestion David! Hopefully GP sees this and solve this easy fix.

  9. This is aggravating on my helmet chin mount since I have to reset the angle every time. Not only that but I have an external mic so I have to make sure I don’t forget to unplug it. Also, the thumbscrew seems really short to me, I’m having to use the tips of my finger and thumb to get appropriate tension on it. Having case-mounted feet would solve all of those issues.

    It’s especially aggravating since my Hero10 seems to freeze every couple of days so I have to undress it all the way just to take the battery out to reset it. That is assuming I keep the helmet on, if I want to change out a battery, I have to take the helmet off instead of trying to get everything back together backwards and without being able to see it.

  10. The media mod not having feet is the NUMBER 1 reason I have not bought one. The number 2 reason is you cannot (to the best of my knowledge…which, when it comes to GoPro, is WAY less than yours) charge or transfer data from the USB C on the media mod.

  11. GoPro should make a media mod with flip down feet just like they are on the camera. Even if they have to make the whole thing out of metal, flip feet would make it more packable. Two audio tracks would be awesome too! I personally just got the deity d4 duo!

  12. So glad you did this. It’s truly the Achilles heal. Also good to know you read comments!! πŸ™‚ You can do it GoPro!

  13. I guarantee it’s something to do with air flow holes on the bottom by the legs, however I agree 100% I actually built an adapter to hold my media mod so I can pull my gopro anytime from mod without having to fool with the feet, and your 100% right gopro should fix this and we not have to make our own adapters. Great video I’m learning alot about gopros from your channel

  14. I agree with all this. I’d also like a much faster way to switch between front and back microphones.

  15. Wasn’t one of the suggestions to extend the time before the hero 10 overheating was to lower the feet? The little holes in the underside are able to vent some heat allowing a longer run time before overheating shutdown? πŸ€”

  16. Every single time I go crazy about this problem! Especially since my GoPro can’t unload onto my Mac with the USB-port on the back of the media mod.

    And the audio fix would be quite a treat….especially with little kids when you ask them stuff….

  17. Biggest gripe for sure! And the lack of mic control got me to get DJI’s Mic, so far it’s awesome for sound quality. Works great with GoPro too.

  18. David I’ve been plagued by this absolutely abysmal design since I started using the GoPro media mod. Now it wouldn’t be a problem obviously if we didn’t have to constantly fuddle around with batteries and SD cards but unfortunately we do. Nothing is more aggravating to go through the steps that you have described. I am very close to modifying my media mod so it has its own feet attached. Thanks for the video not sure what can be done at this point because it’s done.

  19. This is right on point. Recently I was trying to shoot out in the open ocean being thrown around trying to change out the battery. What a pain. Seems like an easy fix to put the feet on the outside.

  20. Totally agree especially getting sound from front and rear mics at the same time πŸ‘ come on GoPro let’s get these done πŸ‘

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