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My Camera: Sony a7SIII –
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Favorite Lens: 24-70mm –
Finest Travel Tripod:
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My Picture Video camera: Sony a7IV -.
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The leather camera strap:.
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Insta360 ONE X3 -.
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00:00 – Intro.
02:15 – 2x Longer Run Times.
04:02 – 8:7 Sensor in All Modes.
05:41 – Period Photo Mode.
07:32 – AutoBoost Enhancement.
11:16 – Bluetooth Headphone Sync.
12:45 – New 1/4-20 Mount.
13:55 – MAX LENS MOD 2.0.
15:34 – GP-Log Profile.
16:00 – TimeCode Sync.
18:03 – Overheating is Still a Concern.
18:31 – Still NO Front Touchscreen.
19:24 – Touchscreen Problems When WET.
21:05 – BlueTooth Audio BAD.
22:10 – NO MORE GPS.
23:14 – Bugginess???

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  1. I feel like GoPro should calm down on the versions haha. I wish they brought back the GoPro Session. That little cube was amazing!

  2. So, in conclusion, the Hero 12 is basically a Hero 11 with a firmware upgrade?

    1. Go pro has always been that way they haven’t innovated in years. Always buy insta 360

    2. Wrong – it’s a Hero 11 with a firmware update AND shiny blue sparkles. Don‘t forget the sparkles!!! So worth it 😂

    3. @gommeextra so true!!! and remember the 1/4 inch mount…. true hardware innovation!!!

  3. About the bluetooth feature, i can imagine it might be more interesting with other microphones than airpods. I’m not sure if there are good dedicated bluetooth mics, but i can imagine they work much more convenient that having a wireless mic and needing an adapter mounted on the GoPro. I definitely like the idea, and who knows, if a bluetoot connection to microphones gets supported more, maybe Rode, Sennheiser etc. might actually make really high quality bluetooth mics.
    Honestly, i wish my fullframe camera could support bluetooth for both microphones and headphones, since even just being able to recieve audio feedback on the headphone might be really useful here and there. I definitely appreciate the idea to implement it on the GoPro, even if it might need microphone manufacturers to tag along for maximum benefit

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking and why I had it in the GOOD and the BAD category. Killer idea as a feature, but we need support for third parties to make a really good solution for the GoPro. Hoping the third party market comes to the rescue on this one!

    2. Or just make a built in mic connection so we can ditch the media mod!!! That thing is a pita!!!

  4. Great informative vid David, think i will stay with my GoPro10 for the next 12 months as it is still awesome enough for what i use it for. Hopefully the 13 is a bigger upgrade for me.

  5. Seems like the GP12 is more of a software upgrade and not so much of a hardware upgrade. If that’s mostly true, then they are charging $399 for a software update? I just feel like there should have been more hardware innovation in the GP12. Still a good camera but I’m happy with my Action 4 camera. I hope both companies push each other to innovate more

    1. same feelings. Kind of prefer action4 right now. The magnetic system and batter life without overheating. The lowlights capability and under water color are just amazing!

  6. Great review as always David. I do enjoy watching your videos. I think you’re being overly generous with the good aspects of this new camera. I stopped buying GoPro at number 9 because they had too many glitches, too many bugs, too many design flaws, and they were too expensive. I suspect the GPS feature has been removed in order to improve overheating and/or battery life. I’m looking forward to seeing your comparison between the GoPro 12 and DJI Action 4

  7. I was trying to sell my GoPro 11 before the release to get the upgrade, but after seeing it in action, I am not disappointed that it didn’t sell. I did get the Snap mount on your recommendation last year though, and that has been a game changer for my channel.

    1. Love that you’re digging SnapMounts! And yeah, if you’ve got a Hero 11, I can’t imagine a reason you would upgrade to the 12 unless you’re on a commercial set and GP-Log or Timecode sync are a necessity. The 11 is still super dope!

    2. Definitely love the SNAP mounts as well. I have a gopro 9. Kind of tempted to upgrade for the increased processor speeds but not totally sold.

  8. Thanks for the review David. I have 4 questions:-
    1) Is HDR video mode available in other shooting modes such as Night Lapse video. It would be good if you could expose for the night sky and then say a cityscape below the night sky.
    2) Is it true HDR REC2020 video or is it just frame blending?
    3) Will the Max Lens Mod 2.0 work on the 9/10/11?
    4) Is there 120 FPS for 2.7k on the Max Lens Mod 2.0?

  9. I’m still on a 10 (I mostly just film myself esk8ing/the nice landscapes I see while doing that) but I already wanted the 11 for it’s new features. Definitely want a 12 as my main now. So glad to see you do MLM2 footage on a board so it gives me good example, never had the original though. 👍🏻

    Can you do timesync code to sync a 10 (I swear that’s in labs firmware) & a 12? Multiple skating angles seems like a fun idea.

  10. So far the most comprehensive and relevant review I have seen. Wish I could give it more than one 👍. A modest update it seems, that’s ok. And you were right…I couldn’t see the HDR difference, but on YouTube difficult to see slight improvements on anything, AirPods didn’t sound great, I can see how it could work ok sometimes though. I would have added to the bad list the lack of ability to connect an external mic unless you buy the media mod or an external adapter. Not a new thing however.

  11. The lack of a GPS is HORRIBLE news for content creators like me. I’ve purchased the Hero 8,9,10,11 and expected to buy the 12. Now, without GPS, there’s no point to buy the 12 because now I can’t overlay telemetry. The GPS chip should’ve been in there with the option to turn it off. Not only that but my GoPro subscription was up in less than 2 weeks. I cancelled as a result since I won’t be getting the 12. I must say, I’m shocked at the GPS removal. Bad move GoPro!

    1. Yes, i use the GPS sparingly, but it is nice if you are snorkeling or spearfishing to take a picture and later to see where you were exactly, how far from shore. It can be turned off to conserve battery. Too many steps back with the Hero 12. I bet the improved battery life is compared to the Hero 11 with the GPS on. I doubt the battery life is double if you turn the GPS off on the Hero 11

  12. Coming from a GoPro 8, I ordered a 12. Often times reviews compare to previous gen, but some of us don’t upgrade yearly. 8 -> 12 is a significant upgrade in terms of quality and performance.

    1. A Hero 10 would give you almost the same performance for $250, just without a couple little motion gimmicks. Sure, it’s software didn’t get some much-needed bug fixes, but the 12 isn’t going to get those fixes either. This company doesn’t support its products… yet they still charge a subscription. When they figure out how to fix their software for real, they’ll just sell it to you as another new camera.

  13. Another plus regarding the bluetooth mic is that you can control the camera remotely by voice now even when the GoPro is out of normal voice range. It’s evolution more than revolution, but they’re going to need to something considerably more impressive next year.

  14. This video single handedly helped me decide to return my new GoPro 11 that I got for my Birthday a week ago. I waited to open it, knowing a 12 was likely imminent! I’m a huge customer of GoPro, but the 11 was sort of a “firmware” update of the 10, and this 12 isn’t doing much to impress, unless you like sparkles!
    So I’m personally planning on returning my 11, not buying the 12, and waiting ‘till Black Friday and will likely get another 9 or maybe a 10 depending on those deals. Happy shopping and recording everyone! 👍⚓️

  15. Thanks @Dave. I have the 10 so I’m guessing it’s a bit more worth the upgrade (for 299usd)? 😅 also, I have the snap mount but i saw one of your recent videos about a Ulanzi mount trick/adaption. Which one would you recommend? Cheers and keep on doing great videos !

  16. The main reason I never parted with my Hero 8s is because it was the last camera which the Quik app allowed you to record and monitor what is recorded thru the app!!….Now it is back on the 12. AWESOME.

  17. The 1/4-20 mount is nice. The 12 will be a big improvement from mt Hero 7 that finally quit 2 weeks ago

  18. I was really hoping at least for a one inch sensor and larger aperture. 4:2:2 10 bit would have been nice.

  19. My last GoPro purchase was the GoPro 8, but I’m looking to upgrade and your post has helped me consider my options. What really caught my attention was the app feature that allows you to see what you’re filming – it’s definitely my favorite aspect of the camera. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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