Hasselblad Lenses :: My Favorites and Recommendations

Whenever I do a video on the Hasselblad X2D system, I get many concerns on lenses. In this video I'm going to answer some of the stuff that tends to come up!

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Lenses in this video
Hasselblad 38V
Hasselblad 28P
Hasselblad 25V

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Hasselblad Lenses :: My Favorites and Recommendations

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  1. Hi! This was for me one of the best information you shared to us!
    I live in Sweden, and have been a Leica, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, OM-System shooter, but I bought a Hasselblad XD1 type 4116, and I keep it forever. Not a fast camera, but it give so much back used the right way! And I can tell you all, that Im proud to use a Hasselblad camera!

  2. I’ve been able to get away with using my old HC lenses with an XH 0,8 converter. Personally I think they’re still fantastic with the added benefit of adding 3/4 stop of light, and the converter improves lens performance as well. A downside of course is the size and weight so portability takes a hit. Just recently as of a few months Hasselblad released a firmware update that made all of their HC lenses compatible with the IBIS in my X2D which makes my HC 80mm and HC 100mm night photography kings. If you already own HC lenses you should squeeze more life out of them with the XH 0,8 converter it’s an absolute must in my opinion.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that, as I have a lot of HCD lenses and I still use my H5D as I can’t let go of my amazing CCD sensor just yet. However I felt the logical upgrade or addition if you will would be the X2D instead of the H6D-100C because of the IBIS . And now that you have confirmed compatibility I will proceed more confidently. Cheers

  3. It’s worth pointing out that the 28P and 45P, while they’re both ‘P’ lenses, are very different. The 45P is a “cousin” of the old XCD lenses. It focuses externally, slowly, and loudly; it has a mechanically coupled focus ring; and it has a 62mm filter thread (and is the only XCD lens with that thread size). The 28P is a “cousin” of the XCD V lineup, built the same way, with a quick internal focus-by-wire mechanism, a 72mm filter thread, and it’s the only XCD lens that is officially weather sealed with an IP rating.

    They’re both great lenses and can credibly form a 2-lens kit on their own, but they feel *very* different to use.

  4. Thanks for the great video. Very informative.
    If you ask what lens you should buy to enter the system, you are not ready to enter the system.

  5. Excellent video. Thank you! The 38v is my EDC lens. 80% of what is shoot is through this superb piece of glass.

  6. Thanks for the video. I own the X1D version 1, along with the 45P and HC80mm with the adapter. I started shooting square and I find myself shooting all my images in that format. I forgot about the XPan so I will give it a go.

  7. Great stuff from Blad as always but availability and the long wait was the reason I did NOT get into this system.

    1. Yeah. This is my dream system and I could justify the expense… but as the lenses are unobtainable, the X2D is basically an 8,200 USD paperweight. I can’t justify THAT.
      90V? Took a year for people to get theirs, now very hard to get. 28P? Comes in stock every several months, sells out in minutes. 25V? It’ll become available again… in 2025, probably for a few minutes before it’s sold out.
      Yeah, it’s a small company. But here’s an idea: it might grow a little if they considered revolutionary new business tactics, such as… selling their products. If they’re not gonna sell them, we’re not gonna buy them.

  8. Thanks for this run-through. I love the 45P, and the 80 1.9 is spectacular. But one of my favourites so far is an adapted Leica R-mount 80-200. I’m about to get the 35-75, which Hasselblad apparently claims is the best lens they’ve ever made.

  9. Excellent review! A lot to digest but a video that I can come back to for additional reviews. Thanks!!

  10. Just a shout out for the pre V XCC lenses – built like tanks and also have superb IQ. They don’t focus that slowly is on their latest firmware and I actually like their shutter sound.

  11. just received my 135 with 1.7 teleconverter today. ALmost no test on youtube, but omg what a fantastic lens. , the speed the bokeh the sharpenss are insane . I took some sunrise shots facing the sun, and not a flare, nothing, it s so clean.

  12. Can I just say it’s nice to see a camera review for a high-end brand not inundated with pointless “iS tHiS cAmErA wOrTh iT” comments? Just a real chill look at some nice lenses. Thanks for keeping it chill, Ted.

  13. Pretty nice summary.
    While the price and lack of security features of the X2D have made me hesitant to buy into it, it’s the (un)availability of the lenses that has made it functionally impossible. For many months I truly intended to buy into it, but I thought it’d be silly to buy the body before getting the lenses, and, well… I couldn’t get the lenses. They just don’t sell them.
    If they’re not gonna sell them, we’re not gonna buy them.

  14. I think there’s a good argument for recommending the original 45/3.2 lens as a “starter”. As a near 35mm equivalent it is quite versatile, it’s actually an exceptional lens (needed to be as it was the first for the system) and can be found secondhand at quite ridiculously low prices.

  15. I would love to see a similar video on current Leica M portfolio of lenses

  16. The other elephant in the room besides the long waiting times for lenses, is that you can’t use CaptureOne. I am heavily standardized on C1 and this would be a major change in my work flow. Besides that I love Hasselblad. I started photography on the 6×6 system. Love that 3:4 format of the new sensor.

  17. Worth pointing out that the 30/3.5 is still in the current catalogue, and because it is part of the older family of lenses (2016), it now comes at an attractive discount used. I mention it because optically its a super lens. I have it (along with the 38V and 55V). The manual clutch and faster, quieter autofocus of the 38 and 55 make them my most used lenses on this system. The 30/3.5 is slower, and the AF is noisier, but its focal length (24mm eq), means its more for considered compositions where speed is less important.
    Separate note on the road map, the 90V (I’m still waiting for one) seems to top out “versatility” + f/2.5 in my view in terms of longer focal lengths. I think they got that one right. What I’d like to see is a much longer P lens (f/4, or even f/5.6) – say a 150mm (120mm eq) or thereabouts, that keeps the weight down, but offers reach. The current 135mm (+ 1.7x teleconverter) is an f/2.8, and is necessarily large and heavy.

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